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Catch me if you can

We all are attracted to a certain type of men/women. But we also attract a certain type of men/women. Have you ever thought about who can fancy you and if there are similarities between your pretenders? At first sight, this doesn’t seem obvious, but if I ask this question around me, I get surprising answers.

One of my friends, who has Asian origins, doesn’t look at all her age, and told me that because of that, she attracts in general perverts of all kinds. “Normal guys are either convinced I’m way too young for them, although I’ll be hitting 30 this year, or they’re simply not interested in me” she said.

I can’t say I attract a certain kind of men, but when I think about the pretenders I turned down, they had all this common point: they were seduced by me because they thought I was a fragile little thing. They all thought I needed their advices on everything, and they all thought that they could help me out. I’m not like that, that’s why I didn’t choose to date any of them” H., 34, said.

It’s easy to fall in love with me. Men generally give me all the qualities because I’m pretty. This is mostly true with the dreamer kind of guys. And they all end up by getting disappointed by me and my reality. I choose carefully not to yield to that kind of men, because when you put someone on a pedestal, it’s easy to remove it from him afterwards” T., 32, said.

I attract losers in general, who see in me a mother/ a financial support/ a savior” J., 35, said.

” With my big boobs, I attract all sort of perverts and men who have a mental age of a four year old” G., 35, said.

I attract lesbians, and feminine guys” F., 30, said.

Unfortunately, we rarely attract the ones we fancy. It can happen, though. Besides, I’ve noticed that when you’re young, you can easily fall into the trap of your toxic pretenders. T. told me she has avoided her kind of pretenders like the plague since she experienced it when she was 18. “Back then, I was young, and I didn’t realize he was in love with the thought of me rather than the real me. He chased me for six months with many declarations, and when he got what he wanted, he basically got disappointed with me. It hurt a lot, I don’t want to experience this again” she said.

So, what kind of men/women do you attract? And would you consider dating them?


13 thoughts on “Catch me if you can

  1. I seem to attract men who think they have power over me. Chauvinists types. When they realise that I have my own way of doing things, they get exasperated and try to change me.

    Perhaps I look lost? Weak? Need-some-oh-strong-man look?

  2. I’m attracted to woman, (physically) when she knows she is pretty thin or fat, (emoti0nally) when she hardly give up into something,
    (financially) humble – who doesn’t show that she’s rich, (mentally) definitely who has brains.. 🙂

  3. i attract women as (mentally) she has brains, (physically) if she know she’s beautiful “thin or chubby”, (emoionally) strong, (financially) humble.. 🙂

  4. WishBoNe, the image we reflect on the others can be truly different compared to what we really are.

    Hi Jonathan, you seem to attract women who know what they want. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. whatigotsofar says:

    I don’t think I attract any sort of woman. I tend to repel them as though I was stricken with the bubonic plague.

  6. I attract either needy ones who are nurtured by my gentleness and openness. Or I attract the workaholic who thinks my flexibility knows no bounds.

    I’m learning, though.

  7. WIGSF, don’t forget some people have the ability to love you in secret.

    Cricket, we never attract the right people, don’t we?

  8. dontdatethatdude says:

    I attract financially inept losers or if they have money they are really cheap. They also like to spend time in front of the mirror, are superficial, shallow, self absorbed and they think they are always right, but they are also always fun, intelligent, funny and great in the sack….hmmm. I notice the admirable qualities first and don’t see the other stuff until later by then it’s too late. They say you date people who mirror you so I suppose I have all of these qualities too, ugh!

  9. I attract men that are 40-50 years old, bearded (usually graying bearded), wearing a baseball cap and/or glasses. All. The. Time., since I was 19 or so. The scary thing is that I look 18 at the oldest now (I’m 29), so I know these guys are going for me because I look barely legal. I hate it SO much.

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