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What people say about us

Recently, a friend of mine came to seek an advice about an odd situation she has been experiencing. She’s a 30 year-old journalist like me, and once, she got invited for a professional dinner with a 44 year-old man quite known in our country, who’s married and has two children. This is where all started. “This dinner was really odd, because when I arrived there, he asked me a lot of questions about me. It’s unusual, you should know that, because I am the one who asks questions. The guy had obviously done a little bit of research about me, because he kept on complimenting me on my articles and talked a lot about the college I went. We found out we had a lot of common points, and I must say I didn’t expect the dinner to turn out so well. He made me laugh, he was absolutely charming” she told me.

“It wouldn’t have been a problem if it stopped there. But the days after the dinner, he gave me multiple phone calls for no other reason than work, including when he was abroad. I also receive a lot of emails from him, but nothing ambiguous. He’s acting a little bit irrational with me. He even asked me to be his friend on facebook. All my other professional contacts use LinkedIn, normally. This causes me a lot of problems, because a) I have to interview him frequently for my newspaper b) if my colleagues learn about this, gossips will immediately start in my newsroom, and I don’t like to be the center of the attention c) he’s married, for god sake. Besides, I have to interview him again in a couple of weeks, and I know I couldn’t stay just composed in front of him. Maybe I’m wrong about his intentions for me and that I make films in my head” she said.

I asked her what bothers her in that story the most, and curiously, she answered it was the inevitable gossips that such a connection would bring. “People know who he is, and they also know who I am. I have already experienced this before, to a lesser extent. Everyone knew my ex, each time I met new people, they would ask how he was, I had the impression to be transparent. I just want to have a man that won’t shadow me. It may sound selfish, but you’ll see, it’s extremely unpleasant. Besides, I couldn’t stand gossips about me at work” she explained.

I told her to keep her distance with him, he will understand. He’s not stupid. As for his intention toward her,  maybe he’s having a midlife crisis?

I understand her need to remain anonymous when it comes to love. Too much publicity is never good for a relationship.

So, would you care if your partner was famous and do you mind about gossips about your relationship with him/her?


10 thoughts on “What people say about us

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    I think I could handle having a partner who is well-known. Obviously, I have no idea what its like being famous or semi-famous. But I think I could handle it.

  2. dontdatethatdude says:

    I don’t trust the famous as evidenced by the guy’s behavior in the story, eventually he will make his move, but there probably won’t be gossip because he will tell her to keep it quiet and she would be living a very sheltered life indeed. People will always gossip, it’s a given. Would I mind it? Yes.
    Do I accept it ? Yes. Half the time most of it isn’t true anyway!

  3. DDTD, unfortunately for my friend, there’s a wife in the equation, so if he makes his move, there will be a bit of scandal. People will always gossip, you’re right about that. I gossip quite a lot, and I don’t mind gossips about me. But sometimes, gossips can be motivated by jealousy.

  4. did i ever mention that my partner is president george bush?

    he fucks me all the time… so now i have to go to iraq on tuesday.

    take care of yourself!

    and i hope to catch up with your blog when i return…

  5. Haha, drunk american!

    Take care of yourself too (and watch out for yourself). Come back to us in one piece.

    Damn George Bush!

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