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That don’t impress me much

I had another proof of what I wrote in a previous post. This time, I wrote a post about horrible university professors, and the day after, I received an invitation from one of them to lunch together. In fact, this time, it covered two topics: one about the toxic heart and the other about a married man who tries to score with a much younger journalist than him. Needless to say that I haven’t change my mind on university professors and that I haven’t got the same issue than my friend who’s facing a similar situation.

In fact, the lunch with him got a bit weird. What would you say to a guy who’s a CEO, university professor, and much older than you? I’m not good at professional socialization like that, I tend to stay mute. But he asked me one question that’s still running in my head right now: Am I impressed by CEOs? The answer is absolutely not, I just don’t know what to say to them apart from questions about their company. In fact, I would only be impressed by one man: a midget (sigh) who’s the lead singer of the band Tool.

This makes me think from a relationship perspective: what can really impress us? And do we need to feel impressed to fall in love? When I ask that around me, the answer to the first question varies a lot from one another, while for the second, it’s a majority of no. What really impresses us depends on our personal values. If we put money before everything, for sure, someone’s who’s earning really well his life can impress us. If we put courage and honesty in first, a person who’s a carbon copy of this would impress us. “I could be impressed by a guy who’s great with children, who cares and understands women in general, and respectful of the others”H., 34, said. “I can be impressed by a man who’s accomplished his goal in life, as long as he’s not lying about it”G., 30, said. “Nothing, except maybe kindness, it’s a scarcity in this world”F., 31, said.

And for the second question, people generally answer that it can play a role, but a second one. “I don’t need to feel impressed to fall in love. I fall in love following my instinct and my feelings for the guy, and this has nothing to do with his impressive personality”P.,32, said. “I must say that a guy must win me over, so yes, I need to feel impressed by him”D., 34, said. “Seduction is a bit linked to impression, so I would say yes”F., 32, said.

So, do you need to feel impressed to fall in love? And what can impress you?


3 thoughts on “That don’t impress me much

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    I think everyone needs to be impressed by something about their suitors so I will say yes. What impresses me? Kindness, fidelity,a good sense of humor, honesty, creative thinking, the ability to verbalize feelings, financial stability/responsibility. I know there’s more I have a really long list somewhere, but I think you get the picture…. 🙂 Love the photo BTW.

  2. Raindreamer says:

    I would agree with DDTD & as well as “I could be impressed by a guy who’s great with children, who cares and understands women in general, and respectful of the others” – comment. More or less this comment told all essential. It is simple, yet guys just don’t get it.

  3. DDTD, we are often impressed by our own qualities/ abilities in the other one. Thanks for the picture!

    Raindreamer, indeed, those simple things make a huge difference. And maybe you’re right, guys don’t necessarily understand that.

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