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Charm attack

Facebook got me in touch again with a guy I haven’t seen since high school. I have known him since kindergarten, but back then, he was a fat little kid/ugly duckling and girls would simply stay away from him. He turned into a handsome teenager when we grew up, and decided to test his power of seduction on every single girl in our high school (at least, the pretty ones). He even tried with me, but as he was a friend of my ex-best friend, wisdom (or the perspective to get beaten by my ex)  advised  him to keep his distances with me. We knew pretty much the same people back then, and I knew all of his ex’s (in fact, the vast majority of them were friends or girls I knew from girl troop).

When we were in high school, he had a heavy turnover of girls in his life, but he started to slow his rhythm as we entered the  grown up life. We started College together, and he dated throughout the year one of my friends. When I left that College for another town one year later, he broke up with her and dated a fellow student of our university. Three years after, I met an old friend of mine who told me she was going to move in with him. And then, I learned thanks to facebook that they are over.

I recently saw the movie “In her shoes” (yeah, I don’t follow that much what’s playing in theaters right now) where  Maggie sleeps with her sister’s boyfriend who later explained to Rose that he was called the whale when he was a kid and still doesn’t believe that a woman can be attracted to him, so he yields to every woman who shows a little interest in him. This character reminds me a lot of my old classmate.

I don’t know why, but I can’t help thinking that he would never find happiness with one sole woman, but also that the woman who will keep him doesn’t exist in this world.

Do you think it’s possible to tame a man like that? And would you date someone like that knowing this?  For the men reading this, do you understand him?


4 thoughts on “Charm attack

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  2. dontdatethatdude says:

    I suppose charm is the best word you could use here, because you would have to “charm” him and then you would have to continue with that charming forever. It seems like too much work for not enough return. As far as taming someone, too much work as well. I think it’s possible, but I couldn’t be bothered. 😉

  3. One of my exes was like that. I truly had NO IDEA he’d never be happy with anyone. NO CLUE. I was so stupid. They put that charm on and you lose all sense of logic and reason, unfortunately.

    In my ex’s case, he is most likely bipolar, though, so that could be a factor as to why he can’t settle down- also he’s an Aquarian.

  4. DDTD, taming such a guy is indeed too much work to handle.

    Jennifer, they don’t come with a warning signal, unfortunately. There are tons of reasons why they won’t settle down.

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