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Let’s talk about sex…

(maybe not)

Once, I went to lunch with some of my colleagues I usually don’t speak a lot to (and now I know why) and they started joking about sex during the whole time. I must say I was a little embarrassed because it’s not a subject I would bring in a conversation with people other than my man or my close friends. And even with them, I don’t talk about it all the time. Generally, if people start to chat about that topic, I just don’t say anything and then, I’m put into the frigid category (but I collect all the informations to make a post on this blog).

One of my friends told me she faced a similar experience when she entered her new company several years ago. “When I arrived in my company three years ago, one of my female colleagues immediately got friendly with me, and when we stopped our work to eat lunch, between my salad and my coffee, she asked me what I liked to do in bed with my man. I wasn’t expecting this at all, and I just blushed and muttered something between my lips. She laughed and said I shouldn’t be so frigid. Now, I’m still avoiding her like the plague” she said.

When it’s with your colleague, it can be embarrassing. But now imagine this situation during a first date. “I met F. through a dating site, and we got along so well virtually that we decided to meet each other. When he arrived to the restaurant we were supposed to meet, the first words he had towards me was: since I met you, I can’t help masturbating myself when I think of you. I bet you must be a good shot. I looked at him, didn’t pronounce a word, and just left the room” U., 34, said.

Of course, your ability to be offended by these words depends on what you look for in a relationship. A woman or a man who just wants to get laid won’t have the same reaction. And it also depends on how you bring sex on the table. It can be subtle, or not. I still remember once, when D. was still working for our newspaper, how the conversation slip into this topic because we talked about this subject. He was wondering if women could do the same, and I replied to him that many of us use those. But it never got too personal, and we did laugh a lot about it.

In fact, it becomes embarrassing when it includes your personal experience.

So, do you talk about sex with people you’re not close with? And would you run away if someone brings that topic on a first date?



6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex…

  1. I think the topic doesn’t come in that much, just surface talks, no intimate details like how a man likes his pole to be played with or how a woman loves hers to be licked.

    Even toys don’t come into the talk. Fetish may come in if someone suggests something.

  2. dontdatethatdude says:

    I am not totally opposed to it. I think it depends on the situation, with girlfriends at lunch I would talk about it if the conversation was more humorous, but I wouldn’t bring up anything serious with strangers, just general sex talk that everyone engages in. In the case of the girl who met the guy online and he said those “nasty” things to her I would absolutely run away in shock. Yuck. I hate guys like that. Usually though it comes out while still online and you can cut him off then, but that guy was tricky.

  3. WishBoNe, well, it depends on the people.

    DDTD, I don’t mind if it’s humourous and with friends, but not the whole conversation. And thanks for the image 😀

  4. Raindreamer says:

    I think everybody’s own intimacy limits should be respected here. Close friends is something – but new people or just acquaintances are different for me too.

    And I agree with DDTD with the thing about the guy. Would scare me off as well. What was he thinking of?

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