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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

A month ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about jewelry, and how she wasn’t into it that much. “I don’t wear any jewelry, I don’t like it. The only ones I’ve got are inherited from my grandma, and these are really precious to my eyes, even if I’m sure it’s not worth that much” she said.

I must admit I don’t give a damn about jewelry either, except maybe for earrings (I’m a big collector), but I look for originality, not for the gold in it. In psychoanalysis, there’s a link between jewelry and the sexual organs. In fact, it’s a metaphor for it. So, would it mean we’re not outspoken about our sexuality, or sexually ambivalent? Well, let’s see. Look at the ones who are into the bling bling.

First, there are the rappers.

Many of them try to look like a pimp. Some of them have tried to shoot a porn (like Snoop), others have sex tapes running around, … Okay, they are a good example of the jewelry/sexual organs theory.

Then, there’s the politicians. Nicolas Sarkozy has introduced a new style in presidency: the bling bling one. For those of you who don’t understand why, here are some explanations. First, he has a taste for expensive things, like watches ( he affectionates Rolex, the one he has costs more than 14.000 euros). Second, he’s into the trophy kind of women. Cecilia Albeniz-Ciganer (now Mrs. Attias) was a model when she was young, and Carla Bruni, her upgraded version.

Judging by how N.S. looks at the women in general (there’s one video on the internet that shows his wandering eyes on Bar Rafaeli’s cleavage), and his taste for expensive watches, the theory also applies.

And for women?

The female rappers do also affectionate bling bling, but they don’t have the pimp attitude that goes hand in hand with their male counterparts.

But Missy Elliott did sing a song about her not wanting no one-minute man. So the theory is again validated.

Then, there are the socialites with a pea instead of a brain, like Parasite Hilton, who’s probably the most bling bling of them all.

Very outspoken about her sexuality but also frigid in the intimacy.

Besides, when I worked as a banker, I had this female client who wore a lot of jewelry (and fur, eeeewwwww) and my colleagues told me she had four husbands and several lovers during her marriages and in-between, a real maneater.

But there are exceptions to that. Our office whore doesn’t wear any jewelry, and the biggest slut in my school either. However, although both are hot pants, they don’t show openly their sexuality. This would mean that it’s not because you’re outspoken about your sex life that you’re necessarily that horny (nor a good shot).

So, do you wear a lot of jewelry? And are you outspoken about your sex life?


9 thoughts on “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

  1. I rather not get robbed! During bad times such as these, thieves are everywhere!

    I do love watches. And I love that panda that Pari-s is holding.

  2. I am not so fond of jewelry. I wear my ring and a simple silver bracelet. But, I am very open about sex. “Sex is wonderful, sex is good, not everybody does it, but everybody should…”

  3. WishBoNe, wearing jewelry increases the risk to get robbed, indeed!

    Hi betme, you don’t play by the rule, that’s great. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. dontdatethatdude says:

    I do like jewelry as an accessory to an outfit and often I like stuff that can appear ostentatious, but I think I have my own style and it is definitely bling in anyway. I do love diamonds I must admit, but I always have! Being outspoken about sex depends upon who I am talking too….LOL

  5. I just wear a necklace and usually earrings, sometimes a bracelet or ring. Not much and not often.

    I will confess that the silver pendant on my necklace is Celtic and reminds me of a vulva, sort of in a nonliteral Georgia O’Keefe sense. It isn’t blatant, but it reminds me of being a sexual being.

  6. Cricket, I also have a necklace that suggests the vulva, curiously. I didn’t think about it until you mention it. Funny.

  7. The Last Spartan says:

    In my experience, it’s not the amount of jewelry but rather the type. I think that with sex being a form of attention-seeking…the more your jewelry screams “LOOK AT ME!” the more likely you are to fit into this paradigm.

    As an American man, I don’t feel that I have as many options in the jewelry category as perhaps my European brethren but I do fancy my watch and my cross as extremely personal items.

    I think that it is easy to link jewelry to emotion because it’s either a gift or we buy it and it reflects our moods. I have a ring from my late grandfather that means the world to me even though it doesn’t look good on my finger (he had much more muscular hands than I do).

    Just my two cents.

  8. LS, indeed, it’s more the type than the amount of it, hence the bling-bling.
    And I guess the jewelry we inherited and we cherish don’t send the same message than this.

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