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Flirting with disaster

Awwwww, flirting. Some of us yield to this guilty pleasure because it gives them the impression they still have their power of seduction. It’s dangerous though when you’re already in a relationship because it just traces the path towards infidelity. However, some people flirt as if it was a sport, and don’t think they are doing anything wrong.

One of my friends came with a little problem she encountered recently with a man. Her problem is that she can’t tell whether she’s flirting or not with the person. “I went to a seminar abroad, and I met this man who just followed me everywhere I went during the two days I was there. He was charming, always asking questions about me and relating my experiences with his. One of my colleagues pretended he was my man the last day of the seminar, and he just disappeared, telling me he was really pleased to meet someone like me, and that I should take care. Do you think he was flirting with me?” she asked. Of course, he was. Generally, when a man or a woman asks a lot of personal questions about you, it means that they are interested in you.

This is easy. But once, another friend of mine came with this issue. “I was invited for dinner by one of my professional contacts. We never met before in real life, I had only sporadic contacts with him until that dinner, and it always remained professional. And the dinner, well, it was a bit weird. I really couldn’t tell if he was just trying to be nice with me, or if he was flirting with me. At the beginning, we talked strictly about business, but as the dinner went on, we began to switch to more personal subjects. He’s married, but we didn’t talk at all about his family, instead, we talked mainly about my career and about my personal skills, professionally speaking, mind you. He talked a little bit about his brothers, his youth, his grandma. Since then, he has become more friendly with me, but we still exchange very polite words. Do you think he was flirting with me, or it’s just the product of my imagination?” she asked. Ha, I can’t tell that just by what she described.

But a few days ago, she told me she noticed this about him.”He doesn’t use the same tone when he’s talking to me compared to his collaborators and his clients. He’s very fatherly with everyone, but with me, I have the impression to face a little kid that has been taken at fault. He’s looking at me from head to toe, but he doesn’t blush at all. When we exchange emails, generally, he has to make tons of compliments about my work. I don’t know on which foot to stand with him” she admits.

Maybe he is flirting with her. She’s really beautiful, and she doesn’t leave men insensitive to her charms in general.

So, how do you know someone’s flirting with you? And how do you flirt?