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F*** me pump

You Are Big Black Boots!

You can be best described as: attitudeYou’ve got lots of it – and you love to give it

A guy has to be pretty gusty to hit on you

But if he’s your type, you’ll warm up… a little


Awwww, shoes. What would be a woman without it? One of my friends collects them like Imelda Marcos, and she always tells me that it’s the most important thing in your look. “People always notice when you wear expensive shoes” she said. “Besides, it helps you to feel sexy, depending on the shoes you wear of course. High heels really make you feel special, and these have a high power of seduction on men” she said.
I don’t really agree with her. I don’t wear that much high heels for the simple reason that my delicate feet can’t stand it, and I don’t feel sexy in them because when I walk, I fear I would fall all the time. How can you feel sexy when you don’t feel comfortable?
So, here’s the question of the day, do you like high heels?

6 thoughts on “F*** me pump

  1. No. I dislike high heels and most of mine don’t have tiny heels even when they are 2 inches tall.

    I prefer flats to heels. They don’t make your back ache.

  2. dontdatethatdude says:

    I love, love they way the look and wish someone, somewhere would make a pair that is comfortable. I am told the only way to wear them is by walking around on the balls of your feet and many people who must wear them for fashion practice this, but for me I only wear them for “special” occassions due to back problems, but go around wishing I could wear them all the time!~

  3. WishBoNe, apparently, flat heels can also make your back ache. It’s better to wear just a few inches.

    The Done Thing (TDT ?), white ones? That’s very peculiar…

    DDTD, one of my friends said that this brand doesn’t hurt your feet. But these are expensive. Nothing is perfect in this world 🙂

  4. The Last Spartan says:

    I don’t know if this makes sense but I like heels up to a certain height. A woman also has to look comfortable in them.

    On to the bigger question though. I have more than a few pairs of shoes. I think that while the style of shoe may say something about a person and their moods…the cleanliness of the shoe and the way it compliments the clothing lend far more to the importance of it than the style all by itself.

    Nothing looks worse than shoes that don’t go with an outfit or shoes that are in poor repair.

  5. LS, neglected shoes say a lot about yourself. A friend of mine who works as an HR told me she always looks at this detail when someone’s applying for a job.

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