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Liar, liar, pants on fire

How is it to live with an eternal teen? Well, one of my friends lives with one, and I wouldn’t swap my place with her for all the wealth in the world. Basically, she’s mothering him all the time and he just relies on her for everything. They have a baby, and he’s acting like the second kid in the house. He goes out with his mates and goes back drunk for his parties all the time, he’s close to his mommy, he barely lifts a finger to help her running the house, and on top of that, he wasn’t faithful to her at the beginning of their relationship. But she loves him, and she finds happiness with him no matter how immature he is.

She did tell me it was sometimes hard to live with him. But apart from his sometimes childish behavior, she can’t complain about anything else in him. There are different versions of the perpetual teenager. Hers has been tamed a little by living with her. But some of them never get really tamed.

How do you know you’re dealing with an eternal teenager? If he/she relies a lot on the others to live his/her life, this is a good indication. For instance,  one of my colleagues explained once that she was the one who endorsed all the bills and the administrative documents of the house. Basically, she takes charge of everything, and her husband just follows her orders. If he/she’s afraid of commitment/ can’t keep a job because he/she got sacked or  is just bored with it/ can’t take any responsibilities…, there’s a good chance you have one too. One of my friends pretends that those eternal teens are also bad shots in bed because “they give you the impression they want to get rid of the sexual acts as quick as they can”. This needs some investigation…

Besides, there’s no particular limit of age to fall into that category. Recently, another friend of mine sent me an email with some details about one of my professional contacts, who happened to ask me to be his friend on facebook. I couldn’t refuse his offer, unfortunately, but some of my friends are pissed that I’m friend with him, because he’s a controversial guy who personifies capitalism with a capital C. The email contained a link to a newspaper on line, where he wrote a column after an incident he had with a demonstrator in his company.

And this column was simply striking of naïvety, narcissism, and a bit insulting for the demonstrator. My “facebook friend” (another one who just tries to have as many friends he can have on this site) is indeed a retarded teenager too. But he’s almost 50. What makes me think he’s an eternal teenager? He just reacts like one, and still believes everything is possible, yep. For example, he can flirt with much younger women than him. And he’s married. I would like to be a little mouse just to spy his wife. She must have treasures of patience with him.

So, could you live with an eternal teenager? And are you one of them? :mrgreen: