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High fidelity

In the book High Fidelity, Rob Fleming, the main character, judges the others by the music they listen. He and his clerks are basically music snobs who just despise the clients who have a shitty taste for music in their shop.

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my colleagues about our musical tastes, and it reminded me of this book. He’s into opera, while I don’t know much about it, but he doesn’t have a clue about alternative and rock music, while I do. So, he asked me what kind of music I was listening to, and when I gave him the name of the bands I enjoy the records, he just looked at me as if I was speaking chinese or something like that.

I don’t know why, but I don’t like to talk about my musical taste, especially when I know the other people don’t know anything about Tool or Queens of the Stone Age (except three of my friends, no one in my entourage has ever heard of those bands, yup). Music is something personal, everyone has a different taste on this. Besides, there’s so many different categories, groups, artists, … that it’s impossible to know everything in this area.

One of my friends think it’s important to share the same taste in music with your partner. “I once dated a guy who listened to the crappiest pop music on this planet, like  those Romanians who sang  on a plane, I think the name of the band was O-zone or something like that, and I thought to myself what a jerk he was. I noticed that often, shitty taste for music goes hand in hand with a crappy personality too. So, for me, it’s definitely a criteria for picking a man” she said.

Another said that it’s best when your mutual tastes for music are not too far from each other. “Don’t forget that if you plan to live with him, you will have to bear his music, so, it’s best when it doesn’t offend your ears. How could you stand a guy who listen to metal and stuffs like that while you’re into classical music?” she said.

Another friend of mine said she doesn’t care at all about the musical taste of her potential partner. “If he has all the qualities I look for in man, this is purely a detail that should be ignored” she said.

So, would you reject someone because he/she doesn’t listen to the same kind of music than you?


8 thoughts on “High fidelity

  1. I have seen this movie and I loved it in parts.

    As for as partner goes, it is important you hear sound of silence together. if silence between becomes intolerable then it is not music to your ears!

  2. whatigotsofar says:

    I’ve rejected a person partly due to musical taste. She sat me down and said “Oooh, you gotta watch these Backstreet Boys music videos.” Then, when I tried to get her to watch Pink Floyd’s The Wall, she refused.

    A woman doesn’t have to share my likes and dislikes, she just has to be able to understand and respect quality music. I could be with a woman who doesn’t own 12 copies of Ziggy Stardust but I would instantly reject a woman who says “Eeewww, David Bowie sucks.”

  3. whatigotsofar says:

    And many people have likened me to Jack Black’s character from that movie. I think I’m more like the third guy in the record shop, the quiet, squirrely one. I don’t know his name.

  4. Suresh Gandappa, a real couple should be able to hear silence together.

    WIGSF, this topic shows we’ve got to be tolerant with each other’s taste in music.
    And for the other clerk, his name was Dick.

  5. dontdatethatdude says:

    I loved this movie, but I didn’t read the book. And Jack Black’s performance in one of the last scenes, God I love him when he sings like that! Now back to your question. I think that it is important to have the same taste in music and also in movies, but I have learned not to be a snob in this area because I have also been introduced to good music and great movies by the people I have dated. I would imagine an age difference would also influence musical taste and I usually date around my own age so the chances of us liking or at least knowing about the same musicians is very good! I like this post though because I have been annoyed by some of the stuff my partners listened too, but I think the movie thing annoys me more. I tend to attract guys who like old westerns, John Wayne type stuff, which I hate and I can’t watch them or Major action junk. I guess I am going off here. Sorry. 😉

  6. DDTD, I only read the book, I haven’t seen the movie. I love Nick Hornby, in fact. It’s true that you have to be open to the other’s taste in music and movie, you can discover a lot of great artists/movies you never heard of. Movies are indeed more difficult to bear if you can’t get along on the film you’re about to watch at the theater or on DVD.

  7. I can handle others’ music if they can handle mine. Both must be in moderation. Ex hub played Jimmy Buffett constantly and made it all distasteful to me. Too bad.

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