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Are you listening?

Back in College, when we used to have oral examinations, one of my friends gave me a trick to relieve my stress: “try to imagine your teacher in his underwear“. Since then, I always use that trick whenever I go for an interview, and I must say sometimes, I have a hard time to remain serious during my work.

Recently, I had to interview a CEO for an article I was preparing for my newspaper, and it went, let’s say, a little bit odd. We were sitting in front of each other, and after ten minutes, he just stood up to fetch a drink and I couldn’t lay my eyes off of his body as I imagined him in his underwear. And the result, judging just by how tight his shirt was around his belly, wasn’t that pleasant. It reminded me of a trembling jelly.

I couldn’t help grimacing at that vision, and just at that moment, he turned around, and saw that look on my face. He was still talking when he left his chair, and when he caught me looking at him, he just said: “are you listening?” Gosh, it was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life.

When I told that story to my colleague, she immediately burst into laugh and couldn’t stop giggling for a whole ten minutes. She said she also looks for underwear and she could easily tell if a man wears boxer, brief, nothing or a short. “Generally, if he’s wearing a short or nothing, it’s easy to spot because you can see his balls hanging freely in his pants” she said.

I asked my friends to see if they also have this strange habit, and one of them told me she only cared if the guy is handsome. “If he’s not, I try not to look at him, otherwise I would feel some disgust, and like you, I can’t hide what I’m thinking” she said.

So this is it, I have a twisted mind.

Do you also imagine people in their underwear?


8 thoughts on “Are you listening?

  1. Modob,
    :))))) Really funny! You know I can’t help looking at men’s backsides, but really, I always look at the fly first! In fact, I believe all women do as do men a woman’s breast!!

  2. dontdatethatdude says:

    Ha Ha Ha, this is so funny, especially your friend who can see his balls hanging. Most of the people I meet I would not want to imagine in their underwear or the way invariably do which is naked, because that is what I was taught and for the love of God I wish I could stop! Even when I am not aware that I am doing, I am still doing it! Help. I have a good poker face though and have not been caught! 😉

  3. dontdatethatdude says:

    The poker face can be learned! Think about how actors do it and then practice with someone. Just fyi!

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