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Life for rent

I’m so afraid to fail that I won’t even try…

I went once to a lunch with two of my single friends who told me about their love life and how it was the Gobi desert for one, while for the other, “2008 is the year to get laid“. My friend who’s the less active sexually told us she had a problem talking to the opposite sex and flirting with men. “I don’t have enough self-confidence to ask out a guy I fancy” she said. My other friend, on the other hand, told us about her strategy. “In fact, I just try with every man I like, and if I fail, it’s OK, there are plenty other men in the club. And it works” she said.

My friend thinks that my less active sexually friend is just afraid to try to to flirt with men. “Before, I used to act like her. Then, once, I saw one of my friends taking his chance with every woman he just met, and didn’t give up until he had found one. It’s been seven months now he’s dating the woman he met like that in a club. So, I just imitate him, and I must say I don’t regret it at all. You never know. On a misunderstanding, it can work” she said.

My other friend admitted that an eventual failure in flirting with the opposite sex just blocks her to continue with another man. Maybe she should just try this: smile and say hello. The rest will follow. This is how I caught men before the light of my life. And this is how I caught the light of my life too 😉

Next week, my two friends will do a bit of rehearsal with the firemen’s night out in our city…

So, does a failure prevent you to go on cruising until you find what you were looking for?


4 thoughts on “Life for rent

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    I think failure does prevent people from trying again, at least until they get over the bruise to their ego. I also strongly believe that if you really want something you will get it! That doesn’t make much sense! LOL

  2. It is a numbers game. I joke with a friend about how many lines she has in the water. Unfortunately, I am not good at dating more than one at a time. I don’t juggle well, but I don’t really want to change it.

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