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Please don’t touch

Last week, when I finished my work and headed to my car in the parking lot of my building, rain was pouring heavily and it didn’t seem to end. I had to cross the whole parking to fetch my car, and the ground was flooded. One of my male colleagues proposed to me to carry me to my car on his back, and I refused. So, when I reached my car, I was completely soaked, and my shoes were filled with water.

Later in the evening, I told this story to my friends, and one of them agreed with me on my refusal. “I don’t want another man to touch me if it’s not my man” she said. “And yes, I do find it inappropriate if a man proposes me to carry me on his back, except my man. It wouldn’t be fair to him” she said. Another friend of mine didn’t see where was the problem, but she’s still single. “And even if I wasn’t single, I would let another man carry me on his back. What’s wrong with it?” she asked.

Well, with the opposite sex, you never know about their intention. So, it’s best to remain careful. A hand can be so easily put on your strategic place in a situation like that, and it can get a little bit out of hand. Three years ago, I fell accidentally on another journalist and we both hit the floor, me on him. When I tried to stand up, I noticed he was having an erection and was blushing heavily. I never saw him again afterwards, and I’m glad I didn’t. Besides, I don’t like when men tried to get too close (physically speaking) to me, to the point where there are just inches separating you from their face.

And a real gentleman would never put you in an uncomfortable situation like that.

So, would you let any man/woman touch you if he/she’s not yours?


4 thoughts on “Please don’t touch

  1. I would feel uncomfortable when another man touches me when it isn’t my man. Except for my brothers.

    There’s this new colleague who likes to touch my arm whenever he’s trying to emphasize his points. I feel uncomfortable and try not to stand next to him whenever possible.

  2. At parties and such, I dislike when guys come around, doling out backrubs as if you’d want one. Say something and they think you’re not appreciating their “generosity.” Well, that probably is the case. I don’t want someone copping a feel, even if it is just a scapula.

  3. dontdatethatdude says:

    I don’t think you should have taken the piggy-back-ride either because if he was really concerned he could have gone and gotten his car and then came back and brought you to yours.

    Sometimes you just can’t help it if a guy touches you, but if I can avoid it and I am in a relationship I wouldn’t do it. Like Cricket I hate the creepy bag rub guys, I won’t even go to a guy for a paid massage!

  4. WishBoNe, brothers aren’t the same thing 🙂

    Cricket, eewwwww. I hate it too.

    DDTD, indeed, if he was a real gentleman, he would have offered me to bring me to my car with his. It’s true that accident happens (see my unfortunate experience with that journalist), but it’s best to avoid this. And I would find it weird to pay for a massage with a guy.

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