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All on drugs

Many years ago, when I was studying in College, one of our professors read us a short story called the subversive love. It said that because of love, some brilliant students tail off and ruin their promising future. Back then, it made me laugh, especially since I knew that my professor, who was over 50 at the time, was still living with his mom.

Recently, I read this article written by Lucy Kellaway, saying that being in love is like being on drugs. Scientists have proven that when we fall in love, our brain release the same chemical as if we took cocaine. In the beginning of the week, I had a strange conversation on the phone with one of my professional contacts, and I had to refer it to my boss because he mentioned a potential scoop for our newspaper. My boss was a little bit surprised by the conversation I had with him, and he told me that since he knows him, he has never acted like that with anyone and he just joked my contact was taking cocaine since he endorsed his new function. This got me a little bit thinking…

How can a man, who’s very cultivated, brilliant, witty, funny, … can act so irrational with an ordinary girl? Maybe he should just do some due diligence with her, to notice that she’s simply not for him, and that also, this relationship would only bring trouble in both of their lives. I couldn’t help relating this to what our professor told us back in College, and to Lucy Kellaway’s article.

Love can make us do silly things. Some people just need drama in their love life to make it work, and yield to the irrational of love. I thought only young people yielded to that feeling. Apparently, I was wrong.

So, have you ever lost your head for someone? And did you feel you were on drugs when you were in love?


5 thoughts on “All on drugs

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    Yes I have! My experiences have been like rollercoaster rides and I always felt that the drugs helped me get through them! LOL. I have also read that large amounts of chocolate can stimulate the same chemical release as falling in love!

  2. Of course. I can say that waking up from being in love and realizing you’ve really made some questionable decisions is a very scary thing. The return of an emotional cue is one of the most powerful stimuli that there is.

  3. Hi!
    Cool page. I`ve started a page about a life time story of a professional junkey and a dealer. Would be glad if you checked it out, feedback is very wellcome.
    I am not out te sell anything, so please don`t get annoyed.
    Cheers. Alex

  4. DDTD, I doubt eating chocolate prevent you from falling madly in love with someone, but we should try that experience 🙂

    LS, it’s a scary thing.

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