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Shout (let it all out)

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a week since my punkymood flashes the angry mood. Yes, I’m angry, mad after someone at work. We have been fighting over the phone for a week just because I’m just a bitch who can’t let it go and he’s an arrogant guy who thinks he’s better than anyone. And it all started because of a stupid scoop I missed and that he let to my principal competitor, although he promised me the exclusivity. The problem was that he and I, we’re supposed to be friends. What kind of friends betray you like that? So, this is to you, B., go climb the roof of your stock exchange again (the old and dusty building, like you call it, though the city hall doesn’t share your view  at all). I’m sure another altermondialist would be glad to discuss with you on that odd place, and prove you that no, capitalism isn’t the best solution in this world.

So, here’s your turn, if you have something tormenting you right now, feel free to explain it here.


5 thoughts on “Shout (let it all out)

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    I’m actually pretty good right now. I’m not currently letting a woman destroy me emotionally at this moment. Work sucks, but work is supposes to suck. And I’m doing a decent job of avoiding N********k.

    Sorry to hear that you’re in a crappy mood.

  2. dontdatethatdude says:

    Sorry about the work thing, you sound really mad! Don’t let em get to you, it isn’t worth it!

  3. WIGSF, thank you. You shouldn’t feel sorry for me, I’m feeling better now. Work sucks, it’s true.

    DDTD, he isn’t worth it, you’re right. But a combination of tiredness and anger isn’t a good cocktail for me.

  4. Okay, it’s waaaaaaaaay too complicated to sum up here, but there’s a lot. Really. So this is just my shout of “fuck” in general . . . thanks for giving me the chance . . .

    Haven’t read you in awhile and may never commented before, but really like what you’re writing here. If you have a moment, mosey on over to see me at . . .

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