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Read my mind

Many years ago, when I just started as a journalist, I went to a seminar abroad where I met one of my readers. I found it (and I still find it) odd, because when you’re a journalist, you’re not supposed to have fans or faithful readers. At least, that’s what I thought when I began this career. And the guy I had in front of me just told me this: marry me. I remember I just blushed, muttered something and then walked away from him. Gosh, it was embarrassing.

This got me thinking: can we fall in love with someone just because of what he/she writes?

With my personal experience, I would say no. You can’t tell who I am just by the articles I write (the topics I write about are way different from what I write in here). Generally, my articles relate facts in the financial world. Hedge funds, the subprime crisis, private equity firms, stock exchanges, … aren’t particularly known to be sexy. And I try to be objective all the time. Yet, it’s true that each journalist/writer has his own style, but I won’t define mine as particularly outstanding. Besides, I’m not a columnist, nor an editorialist yet, and I don’t give my personal opinions in an article. So, if you read my articles, you can’t tell what I’m thinking. At least, I hoped so.

But once, when I had a lunch with  a professional contact who drives me mad, we discussed a little bit about this, and he told me he often agreed with what I wrote in my articles. He said that he knew I was trying to be objective, but yet, there was always an opinion if you read carefully between the lines. Just by the way I select the informations, and I treat it, it becomes clear that I take a position against something. He said that I turn everything serious into something absurd. This is how he perceives my articles, including the ones I write about his company.

Maybe he’s right. I tend to perceive this world as a permanent remake of theater plays from Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter or Eugene Ionesco. When you think about it, nothing really makes sense in this world.

Yet, what we write just give some details about ourselves, but it certainly not give our whole picture. I’m not just someone who thinks this world is sometimes a little bit absurd. So, I don’t think it’s possible to fall really in love with someone based on his/her writings. If it’s the case, it’s like falling in love with an image, not reality.

What do you think?