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Boys of summer

What’s the use of having a perfect body? Well, it is to have the pleasure to be the center of the attention on the beach. This place is the ultimate one for physical discriminations because when you’re in a bathing suit or a bikini (or a monokini…), you can’t really hide your body. For a woman, cellulite is the number one enemy and varicoses too. It’s really not that pretty to watch, and if you’re affected with that, you have two options: either you don’t care and sunbathe, or you just stay with your clothes on.

When I was on holidays, just beside my parasol, there was a couple of Russians, where Madam was sunbathing in just a thong. The light of my life couldn’t detach his eyes off of her thighs, which were  heavily affected by cellulite. But  she didn’t care at all about this detail, and honestly, she reminded  me of a Rubens paint, but  with a tan. And she seemed really at ease with her body.  On the other side of my parasol, there was a German family, where the mother sunbathed almost naked like the Russian, but curiously, the two teenagers kept on all their clothes including if they went swimming in the sea. The girl just stayed under the shadow of the parasol all the time, and avoided carefully all the rays of sun.  Maybe when we grow old, we just don’t give a damn anymore about our looks. This would explain that.

In front of me, I had to enjoy the sight of a young male who knew he had a great body. He had the one of a chippendale, and to compliment his shape, he chose a orange bathing suit that flashed on the whole beach. It was difficult not to notice him. He was there with two of his mates, but he was the only one swimming in the sea, showing his ability to reach the buoy to everyone laying on the beach, especially to two blonde girls who were sunbathing not very far from his towel. He managed to get the number of one of the girls, but when the two left, he began to cruise again on the beach for another victim, and he found her. His two mates just watched him laughing the whole time. I bet they were shy and hadn’t the guts to flirt with the opposite sex unlike their friends. Personally, I would have preferred his two friends than him. Vain people just make me want to run.

So, do you consider the beach (and the bathing suit) like an ordeal? Or do you just ignore the others’ look?


6 thoughts on “Boys of summer

  1. inmyheelsonline says:

    *sigh* I would love to say I’m at the point where I don’t care but .. I certainly d. Hence why I spend my time huffing and puffing away at the gym instead of enjoying life at teh beach. Boy that sounds horrible. I’m really working on it .. 🙂

    JEMi –

  2. You said, “Personally, I would have preferred his two friends than him. Vain people just make me want to run.” And I could not agree more strongly. If someone is/or thinks s/he is perfect, I avert my attention. I am not interested in such people.

    Perhaps it is because I recognize and am comfortable with the fact that I am not physically perfect. I give a wide lattitude in that regard to others as well.

  3. JEMi, try not to care too much about your looks.

    Cricket, people who think they’re perfect are just annoying.

    WishBoNe, attention seekers have something desperate in them.

  4. dontdatethatdude says:

    Can I say first that I love, love the photo you chose for this post, it’s perfect and I LMAO just looking at it. I think going to the beach has always been a drag because I don’t have the perfect body, but I love the ocean so much I find the right attire to compliment my body and then forget about it. I would always run away from a guy that you described on the beach, it’s so obvious what he’s doing, sometime I like to mess with them though and let them think they have a chance and then say NOT! My bad?

  5. DDTD, thanks 😉 And no, I don’t think it’s bad to play with the feet of someone like this guy, as long as you are the one who’s fooling him 😀
    Indeed, the sea is for everyone, and you should forget about your body for this aspect.

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