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Girls and boys

Recently, one of my colleagues welcomed his third child, a little daughter, and he got a little bit worried about how she will evolved, stuck between her two eldest brothers, who are twins. Another colleague of mine told him that his sister also had the same problem, as she was the only female kid of the family. He said that my colleague’s little bundle of joy will turn inevitably into a tomboy, because his sister turned into one. I told him that at least, she will be prepared for living in a man’s world, and she will have no problem understanding how men react and think. This is a huge chance, I think.

One of my male friends has been raised in the opposite situation: he was the only male kid among the four children of the house. And he told me that growing up with three sisters helped him a lot understanding the opposite sex. “I learned that girls have different reactions, that they can be pissed against you for weeks even if they pretend the opposite, that they’re able to ruminate bad feelings, that they can seem fine with you even if you did something wrong, and then for no reason, weeks later, get mad at you and put down the list of the things you did wrong, including this one. I learned that they’re more emotional, but also have this ability to understand people better than we do” he said.

Yet, this situation can turn into a nightmare too. “I grew up as the only girl between my older brother, and my little one. We had neighbors we always spent our youth with, and they were also two boys. Basically, their favorite hobby was to find creative ways of persecuting me, and I had no choice but to avoid them and stayed locked in my room. I hated boys for that reason, and it took me a long psychoanalysis and a man who was only kindness to reconcile myself with the opposite sex. Now that I’m pregnant with twin daughters, I’m happy they won’t endure the same painful experience I went through when I was a child” L., 34, said. “I hated my brother and my father. My mom left us when I was only four, and I’ve never heard about her since then. They formed an alliance between them, and they had a strong bond. I felt completely ignored and left behind. This is probably why I’m a lesbian now” Y., 34, said.

Personally, I do think that we need to be close to the opposite sex to understand them better. I learned a lot about men from my male friends and my cousins. I couldn’t handle being the only female journalist in the sector in which I evolve ( a very macho one) if I didn’t have them in my life.

So, do you think you can learn from the opposite sex?


5 thoughts on “Girls and boys

  1. I don’t believe in giving men a bye just because they’re men. The lack of communication frustrates me. Their two word responses do not a conversation make. I’m not particularly chatty, yet I feel like the responsibility falls to me. I am closer to being lesbian, too. At least that way, there’s an equal give and take.

  2. i think we can learn more from the opposite sex from the same sex. i think the opposite sex is always more interesting and more novel in most regards.

    and the best thing i like to learn from the opposite sex is how they view me because i can already understand my actions and the reasons why i do things with other guys… but it is the woman’s insight that is always so much more revealing and so much more trustworthy.

    as far as learning from the opposite sex is concerned…
    we are each other’s mirror reflection…

  3. dontdatethatdude says:

    When I was growing up I couldn’t stand my step-mother or my step-sisters they really taught me to mistrust women and I always hung around with boys! I did have 3 very close female friends and eventually learned that both men and women can be the same, they just express their feelings differently. Most of my male friends talk more than or as much as me and I have learned a lot from both sexes. 🙂

  4. Someone I know 😉

    Indeed, the others help us to have a better understanding of ourselves, and act like a mirror.

    DDTD, I have learned from both sexes too! I used to hang out like you with only boys when I was little, and years later, I learned to appreciate the company of my female counterparts too.

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