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The butterfly effect

Edward Lorenz recently passed away and left us with his theory of chaos: a butterfly’s wings can create a tornado in a certain location. It can be translated in other words: everything happens for a reason. In the book, again, the unbearable lightness of being, six coincidences pushed Tomas and Tereza to get together. Hadn’t they happened, they probably would have stayed strangers to each other.

When you think about it, every relationship happens because of certain coincidences. One of my friends told me about how she realized her man was the man of her life, a long time ago, simply after a drunken night spent together. “We were sitting and talking with a group of friends, when for no reason, I just draw an elephant with wings on my napkin. When I finished, I noticed he was also drawing something on his napkin, on the other side of the table where I sat, and when I reached his place, I realized he draw the same drawings like I did. It was a shock to me: we were on the same wavelength. We started dating shortly after, and then we got married. I really believe I would spend the rest of my life with him” she said.

Another friend of mine has also a similar story. “Because of the bad weather, my plane was canceled, and I had to take another flight the next day. I got a seat near an absolutely charming man, who was single, and we realized we chose the same book to read. When we arrived at our destination, I just put on my earrings because I hate traveling by plane with these, and he told me that he offered the same pair to his sister not so long ago. I thought I was never gonna see him again when we touched down, but three days after, in the city where we arrived, we bumped into each other in a little bar. After so many coincidences, we decided we should give it a try, and we’re still together now” she said.

Strange things happen all the time, including in our love life. Sometimes, we chose not to take that much attention to the events that surround us. And this is how we can miss important things in our life. Sometimes, we chose to be too much aware of those, and we end up still missing important things. Those coincidence can be subjective, but they can be obvious too. So, have you ever started something because of coincidences? And were these coincidences founded or made up by your mind?


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