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Nothing else matters

Recently, as I was interviewing one of my professional contacts, he mentioned how old he was. He’s 47, and honestly, I don’t think he’s that old. He’s far from being athletic, but he’s not fat nor thin as a stick, and from the distance where I interview him, I can’t tell if his face is really marked with the sign of times. One of my colleagues told me that if I want to verify this, I can sit on his lap (he’s sure he wouldn’t mind at all- I would mind a lot). Maybe the problem is more intern, I don’t know. But I’m not gonna ask him about his health, it would be really inappropriate.

The truth is, when we talk together, I may reflect to him an old image of him. Once, I mentioned a few things like the authors I read and the bands I listen to (not mentioning even Tool) and he looked like if he hadn’t had a clue about what I was talking about. I guess he feels a little bit outdated.

Maybe getting old isn’t pleasing him, but I do find that getting old has its advantages. For instance, I do feel better now that I’m 30, I know more or less how to dress to compliment my shape, I know what I want, I know more and how not to get screwed by the others thanks to my past experiences. Everything seems easier for me now compared to when I was 20. Back then, my fashion sense was still a bit experimental, I was a little bit hesitant all the time, I could change my mind easily and was never satisfied by the decision I took, I was nobody. And I’m sure that when I will be 40, I would appreciate it even more.

Besides, some people do get hotter when they grow old. George Clooney is a good example of that.

My little Maynard, who’s 44, isn’t old at all to my eyes.

One of my friends always says that age doesn’t matter that much, what’s important is how old you are in your head. In her case, it’s 4. In mine, I would say 12. I agree totally with her. Besides, young men don’t attract me that much…

So, do you dislike getting old?


5 thoughts on “Nothing else matters

  1. karron says:

    So, do you dislike getting old?

    Heavens NO! I did a happy dance when I turned 50! I figured I had lived half a century following the rules about clothes, style, hair, personal presentation. NOW I could do what I wanted and if people didn’t like it, stuff them! I retired early due to health issues. Thank you God! Now I wear comfortable clothes, don’t bother with make up – how boring. And do pretty darned well what I want. Freedom comes with age. I figure women hit 40 and have a choice to make, learn to embrace your age and be your age, or panic and run to the nearest face builder (plastic surgeon) and start spending money like an idiot just to look like a fake person. Eventually age catches up and either your face is frozen into a mask, or you soften, relax, and let life happen. Either way, younger people will point and laugh, why not be comfortable and laugh back?

  2. dontdatethatdude says:

    I dislike getting old because of the inevitable changes in my body, but I love being older in my mind because I can see everything more clearly!

  3. Hi Karron,

    You’re absolutely right, freedom comes with age!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    DDTD, indeed, for the changes in your body, this aspect isn’t that pleasant. But it really depends.

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