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Lipstick jungle

One of my colleagues recently told me about a strange thing he noticed with a press officer we both know. Since we meet her for the first time, she has always left us with the impression she doesn’t give a damn about her look. Once, I went to a press conference she organized, and I noticed she put her shirt on the wrong side. She has always dressed the same: a twin set and a skirt under the knee or a trouser. Nothing sexy nor thrilling.

But all of a sudden, she changed everything. My colleague noticed, the last time he saw her, she wore make up and had chosen clothes that complimented her body. There’s one explanation for this transformation: her boss. He has endorsed his function since November last year, and since he arrived in his company, I notice that not only his press officer started to change her look, but also all his female collaborators. I guess they all fight for the privilege of becoming his mistress, because he’s married (and honestly, I pity a lot his wife).

In every company, each time a new collaborator comes to work, either male or female, his/her new status gives him/her an incredible power of seduction. And this is where you start to see rivalry between colleagues just to get the new one’s affection. I remember when D. was hired in my newspaper, three female journalists immediately put an option on him. I haven’t told them yet D.’s not into women… They hated each other, and they hated me because I spent a lot of time with him arguing about many things. With the press officer I know, it’s the same. Since her boss came along, she started to treat me differently (and did a little sabotage with my articles). I find this a little bit funny (not for the sabotage part) because I only talked once to her boss, and our verbal exchange was very cold. I write a lot of negative articles about his company right now, and this explains the heavy tension between us. So, I would understand if his press officer treats me the same way, because she wants to defend him. But here, she doesn’t act exactly that way with me. She acts as if she was jealous.

She is exasperated each time I call her for informations about her company, not because she knows I will not be nice in my articles, but because each time I write an article, she gets to hear my name pronounced by her boss a lot. This is an information my chief editor, who’s a friend of him, told me about.

I just pity her for having such a state of mind.

One of my male colleagues is often appalled at how bitches/jealous women can be with each other. I don’t agree, I’m not jealous at all of the other women. If a woman is beautiful or well dressed/ clever, I won’t envy her, I just admire her. I’m only jealous if she comes and tries to flirt with the light of my life. Jealousy is a flaw, and some of us are affected by that, but not everyone. It’s easy to generalize that to all the women.

So, have you ever changed your habits because of a new colleague? And are you jealous of other women?