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Open you eyes

Among my colleagues, there’s a male journalist I don’t particularly get along with, and who’s referred to all of us as the sperm donor. We gave him that nickname because once, one of my former colleagues who’s 40, complained she was getting too old to get pregnant and that she didn’t have anyone in her life to impregnate her. So, naturally, my  twisted colleague, in his big leniency, offered her to have his semen (he wasn’t more  specific about the method he would use to give her that liquid). He’s also known to all of us as a ladykiller, at least, a wannabe. He had tried with every female journalist in the newsroom, including me, even if they were married or in a relationship.  On top of that, he’s stubborn, and talking with him rapidly turns into a real nightmare because he’s convinced he’s right all the time. So, everyone in the newsroom carefully avoids him.

Yet, this man has helped me to open my eyes on some aspects of my life. Last year, as I was battling with D., he made me realize before thing turned sour with D. that he was only a self-center douchebag. When D. arrived in our newsroom, he encountered problems with his boss (a true moron) and he was a little depressed by that. As I hated his boss, I offered him my help by cheering him up. And I got thanked a lot for that. Our sperm donor didn’t warn me directly D. was just a douche, but once, he made me realize that D. didn’t care at all about me with just a little box of chocolate. One of our national companies sent us boxes of chocolate and roses, and I was a little annoyed by the fact I couldn’t take the roses back to home, as I had to leave for a seminar abroad in the next three hours. So, our sperm donor came to my desk and offered me to exchange my flowers for a box of chocolate, and had those words toward me: “I know you like chocolate”.

I barely talk to him, but he knows some important facts about me. D., on the contrary, spent a lot of time with me, but was unable to tell that about me, because he was constantly focusing on his own person.

More recently, our sperm donor (SD) stroke back. One of my professional contacts is constantly calling me to congratulate me for the articles I write about his company. He’s acting like a kitten with me, very mellow and flattering. Since he endorsed his function (it’s been 7 months now), I’ve written  an article for each of his (numerous) achievements in the company. I have to, these are important. Besides, this is the main subject I cover for my newspaper. But just before I was leaving for my holidays, our sperm donor had to interview him on another topic, and my contact sent him before the interview the questions he wanted SD to ask him. SD came to see me with the list, because he had a problem with it: not only, it was completely out of his topic, but it also covered every article I wrote about my contact. SD eventually made his interview without mentioning any of the questions asked by my contact.  SD told me that I did enough coverage of his company, and that we shouldn’t give him much publicity. He also wrote a small biography of him in our newspaper, and it made my contact appear like a wacko and a boot licker.

So, have you ever been helped/ guided in the good direction by a person you don’t necessarily like?