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Space and time

Do you believe in fairy tales? And do you believe your love life can turn into a fairy tale? Personally, I don’t. DDTD wrote an excellent post on that topic, I invite you (urge you) to read it. Yet, I’ve met a lot of women who told me they wish to live such a romance, maybe they’ve been influenced heavily by the media, as DDTD wrote.

When you think about it, our human condition makes it simply impossible to live like in a fairy tale. If it’s the case, then you’re probably denying reality. Cinderella, Snow White,…never had any “technical” problem in their existence (except maybe dealing with mice and a pumpkin for the first, and with dwarves for the second).  Life has just funny ways on sneaking up on us. In real life, the not so charming prince might get lost in his way to our castle, or he could simply be already engaged to someone else. Or the prince charming might not be interested in the opposite sex.  Fairies don’t exist and if they do, well, they might be evil because have you noticed how events can turn against you when you’re having a bad day?

Yet, I believe it’s possible to live moments of fairy tales, but they’re characterized by their ephemeral appearances. I’ve asked around me about those fairy tales moment, and this is what I got:

It’s when he comes and pick me at work, without telling me before, or just invites me to the restaurant when I’m tired and done with my job, or just takes me away abroad during a week-end. Everything that makes me forget about reality, for a moment”I., 34, said.

A day without arguing with him” O., 35, said.

Moments that we spend together, and that end up without any incident. It’s something exceptional in my family life”L., 40, said.

Everything that breaks our routine. It’s not usual, unfortunately, but that’ s what make it special”P., 36, said.

If he tells me: today, you’re gonna buy the pair of shoes/ dress/ handbag you like and with my credit card. It happened only once…”M., 30, said.

So, what are your fairy tales moment(s)?