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Is it any wonder?

One of my friends always says that the secret of a long lasting relationship relies on two important things: sex and humor. “The first, because it creates a special bond with your partner. But alone, it’s not enough. The second one, because it creates also a special bond with him, but also, it allows you to take the drama out of every situation” she said. So, in a partner, she will seek for sexual compatibility but also a great sense of humor in a potential partner. “That’s the key, I don’t care about anything else” she said.

When you think about it, those two elements combined together make it really hard to find your match. We’re not compatible with everybody sexually speaking, and laughing at someone’s jokes requires you to be on the same wavelength than the other. Have you ever tried to watch a foreign comic show? If it’s the case, did you laugh at all the jokes? Personally, I find it very hard. When I visit my family in the United States, we often watch with my cousins TV shows, and they laugh their ass off the whole time while I laugh from time to time at some of the jokes. There were things like play on words I didn’t catch, or reference to events I didn’t hear about. The reverse situation is also true. My cousin, who speaks French, didn’t laugh so much at the French comedies she saw when she came to visit us.

Of course, there are some universal jokes, that make everyone laugh. Thankfully. Yet, you will have a better chance to fully enjoy a potential partner’s jokes if both of you come from the same background, cultural and social. So, in a sense, this could be a great indicator for finding your match.

However, alone, this element isn’t enough. “I went several times on a date with a guy absolutely funny the whole time. Each time, I spent the whole evening laughing and laughing, I couldn’t help it. But when we got a little bit more intimate, I realized he was using the laughter to hide a huge depression” K., 34, said.

Sigmund Freud had a theory about this phenomenon, it’s called a coping mecanism.

So, do you agree with my friend’s theory?


4 thoughts on “Is it any wonder?

  1. Hemendra says:

    Definitely both the elements help but when the situation is some kind of serious, then what ? I think that if at that time even, if one can laugh,one can catch the spirit of situation, its great ! Importantly, the common sense, the powerof understanding works in true spirit.
    Love is giving.

  2. whatigotsofar says:

    It makes a lotta sense. Just as long as the humour isn’t based on my partner finding my genitalia humourous. I don’t think I could have sex with somebody who looks at my penis and then starts laughing. Too much of a mood kiler. I imagine it would be the same for her if I was to find her breasts humourous. I don’t think any woman would want to sleep with a guy who breaks into laughter at first sight of her nude body.

  3. Hi Hemendra,
    A true understanding of each other certainly helps a relationship. Thanks for stopping by.

    WIGSF, if a woman laughs at your genitals, she’s cruel.

    Cricket, humor is indeed really powerful.

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