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Take a bow

There are many occasions when we can just chicken out. Recently, one of my journalist friends told me she refused to go abroad on a press trip with the company she’s doing the coverage for her media. She didn’t want to go because she was afraid of her colleagues’ reaction. “They say I’m just the PR of their company, not a journalist. There are also rumors I’m the CEO’s mistress. I don’t know why, but when the company asked me to join them and the other medias, I freaked out, and said no. I’m so ashame of it” she said.

I met once this woman who told me she never had the guts to thank a man who put her life right back on track. “He came into my life when my mood hit its lowest point. I never told him about anything, but he realized something was wrong in my head, and he gave me precious advices that helped me see the end of the tunnel. All my entourage warned me he was weird and not kind, so I didn’t understand at first what he was doing with me. I was so confused, and i didn’t want to admit his help. When I realized he had reason, I managed to put so much distance between us that it was difficult for me to go and thank him. I followed his advices, but I had never the occasion to tell him how grateful I am, in fact, I just fear to say that to him” H., said.

Sometimes, we chicken out because we feel we’re gonna be ridiculous (and in the end, our fear makes us ridiculous). Sometimes, we don’t feel the courage to do something because it goes against our principles. “I was about to cheat on my man with another one I met in a bar. We had a great connection, he was really attractive, but the day we were about to sleep together, I chickened out and I didn’t go to the date”O., 34, said.

Sometimes, we chicken out because we’re afraid to fail. “I never make the first step with men because I’m afraid to get rejected” N., 30, said. “I refused to moderate a seminar because I thought I wasn’t able to do that” M., 35,said. “I never had the courage to ask him to marry me, even if we’re living together; because I fear his reaction” P., 29, said.

Sometimes, we let down because we’re just ashamed of our act. “I don’t know how to say to her I’m sorry for what I did to her. And as time goes by, it gets more and more difficult to apologize, because I know she won’t forgive my indecision”O., 31, said. “I wish I was straightforward, and this has poisoned all of my relationships, because each time I did something bad, I couldn’t find the words to say I’m sorry and that I was just a selfish douche”I., 36, said.

Our indecision can be good (in the case of infidelity for example), but it can also poison our existence. Fortunately, each of us has the ability to recognize our flaws, and to work on it, or not…

So, have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t have the guts to do something?