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Who has cooties?

Arrggh, I’m angry again.

WIGSF mentioned on his blog he was afraid of girls because they have cooties. So, today, I will also publish a list of people who, I think, have cooties. And sorry, WIGSF, MJK doesn’t have cooties (in fact, I would like to verify that).

  1. The only person on this planet that has the gift to get on my nerves all  the time. Even my mom doesn’t manage to do that on a regular basis.
  2. My boss. And I’m sure most of my colleagues share my view on this…
  3. Her boss, a true idiot with megalomaniac views
  4. George B., the actual (but not for long) US president.
  5. Hugo Chavez
  6. A whole bunch of politicians in my country (the list is too long)
  7. Silvio Berlusconi
  8. Nicolas Sarkozy

I don’t know why, but now, I don’t feel angry that much. Give it a try!


4 thoughts on “Who has cooties?

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    Cooties are an infestation that breeds on women and you listed at least 5 men. I think the important issue is not whether or not they have cooties, but who gave it to them. Mrs. Bush seems like a relatively cootie-free woman. So I think W. is probably in the clear. While Sarkozy looks like the kind of guy who gets around, if you know what I mean, who knows when and from whom he got cooties.

    And thanks again for the link, now I have your cybercooties.

    (Yes, this is the most immature thing I’ve ever been part of.)

  2. Are you sure about that, WIGSF? Anyway, W must have been infected in the past, remember he has a glorious one before Laura.
    You’re welcome for the link. And for the immature thing, sorry about that, but hey, who cares if it’s funny?

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