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Thank you for smoking

Smoking is bad for your health. But it isn’t that bad for your love life. In Europe, where multiple bans have risen for smoking in public places, smokers are now obliged to smoke outside of the pub/restaurant/building, and this can create multiple opportunities to approach the opposite sex. We call that smirting. When you smoke, it’s easier to flirt with people because you have a good excuse to start a conversation: the lighter/ cigarette. This is how one of my friends, who tries to stop smoking, has managed to catch some interesting guys. Of course, all of them were smokers. But because now smokers can’t light up their cigarette inside of the pub, more and more non smokers accompany their smoking friends outside, so they don’t stay alone inside.

Besides, a woman who smokes can carry a part of fantasies. You can find on the web many adult sites (like this one) about smoking women. In those sites, you can find women who smoke in various positions, sometimes obscene (I particularly remember one video where a woman was giving a blowjob between two puffs on her cigarette), but these have something a little bit fascinating, as the smoke surrounds their body like a veil. It’s not a pure coincidence if in the movies, the ultimate seductress is always a smoker. Take for instance Linda Fiorentino in the Last seduction, or Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Even Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City is a smoker.

A woman who smokes is also considered as independent, and that can give her a real power of seduction. And besides, smoking, especially a cigar, is associated heavily with the blowjob. Smokers are also associated with hedonists who don’t refuse themselves any pleasure.

Of course, if you smoke like a chimney and carry around you a disgusting odor of old cigarette butts, it won’t have the same effect than if you smoke “sensually”.

I was a smoker when I was young. I really liked it back then because I had the feeling I was a rebel or something like that. But I never caught any of my ex’s because of that. This is probably why I quit smoking.

So, do you smoke? And if it’s the case, do you think smoking helps you in your love/sexual life?



3 thoughts on “Thank you for smoking

  1. The Last Spartan says:

    I do not smoke. I think that it’s a pretty hypocritical physician who smokes. I can’t stand the odor or the mess. Of course, once you see what it does to people…then you really don’t want to.

    Nonetheless, on to your question.

    I do think that there is a sexy sophistication that some people attach to the smoking woman. I tend to like nice teeth and breath so it doesn’t appeal to me. Some women use it to stay thin too.

  2. gl0rious says:

    I don’t smoke although I have seen that my friends that do, find it easier to attract men – usually other smokers!

    I don’t like the taste or the smell. My BF smokes but has cut down dramatically since he has been with me because I dislike the taste so much. Lucky girl 🙂

  3. LS, indeed, there’s something not so sexy about smoking: the breath and the effect on your teeth. Not to mention the smell on your hands, clothes, hairs,… And it’s true that it’s a good way to stay thin. I can see that with my colleagues: the ones who don’t smoke are thicker than the ones who smoke.

    Hi GlOrious,

    Lucky girl! I haven’t manage to do that with my man. Thanks for stopping by.

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