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A material girl

I had a lunch yesterday with, for once, all the female journalists of my newsroom. It’s quite unusual for us, because we’re always busy in the year and often outside the building for a press trip or a conference/ interview. Most of us have one common point: we all went to the same College to study journalism. So we can relate easily to what the others went through when we were students. In the middle of the conversation, we started to switch to that subject, and we ended up talking about the terror of our studies, Mr. N. One of my colleagues told me she was terrorized to see him when she had to visit him in his office. He didn’t have a good reputation among students. I remember that during my studies, one of my fellow classmates went ballistic during one course because Mr. N.was constantly mocking him during the class. My classmate stood up, went straight to him, and threaten to beat his ass. Everyone was shocked. Some of the students on the front row went after him and told him to calm down. Two days later, he had to publicly apologize to our detestable teacher, and stayed mum for the rest of the year. He failed his sophomore year because of that incident.

When it was my promotion, we had the chance not to have a oral examination with Mr. N. anymore, but my older colleagues weren’t so lucky. One of them told me she failed her year because of this system, and that he was so infect with everyone it was pretty much impossible to succeed. Yet, one student of her promotion managed to score an A with him. How did she succeed? There were rumors circulating about a little horizontal favour. My colleague told me she was flirting heavily with him ( he’s not married). And at that moment, all of my colleagues were just appalled by this, because Mr. N. is objectively not what you can call a handsome man. I just hope for this student Mr. N. was a good shot (but I wouldn’t bet on that, he’s really maniac in real life, sex with him must be terrible).

Another colleague of mine knew also that student. She worked with her as an intern in a radio station during the summer. And she said that she slept with the boss, whom we can also call a true remedy for love. Again, I just hope for this girl that he was a good shot. As a former colleague of mine, he was, well, a little bit more outgoing than my former professor. But I wouldn’t bet he’s a good lover (this just makes me creep). Needless to say that she succeeded her internship either, and that she got a job at the radio station when she finished College.

Personally, I know I couldn’t do that because I can’t sleep easily with people. I need to be in love or heavily drunk. But I don’t see what’s the problem with this girl if she can do this. It’s just a little bit sad she needed to do this instead of betting on her competence.

So, would you sleep to get promoted? 


2 thoughts on “A material girl

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    As a man, this situation isn’t really available to me. (Equality between the sexes hasn’t really found its way into that little corner of human deprivity.) But I can see myself being in the position of the Mr N. sometime in the distant future and what would I do? Would I give a woman a raise just because she gave me a raise first? I would say ‘no’ because I don’t respect women who would do that. (How do I say this without sounding like a jerk? Ah, screw it, I’m a jerk.) I don’t want sluts working for me. I want sluts to fail. I want people working for me who work hard to succeed. I want to foster the belief that the person who works the hardest and is the most competant will have the most success.

    Unless the job is prostitution, in which case, sleeping with the boss should be a mandatory part of the job performance assessment. I want all my whores to be a good lay.

  2. WIGSF, it’s hard to respect people who use their power for their advantage. The girl in College was treated as a slut by every other student. Mr. N. was hated by all of us. There’s always a price to pay when you choose to behave like this.

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