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Secret sex

One of my friends called me last night to tell me about her tumultuous love life and how she got into trouble with a guy she’s seeing right now. She came to me because she said I won’t judge what she did. She told me she got back with her ex, a man everyone in her entourage has advised her to stay far away from. She added that no one knows about that except me. And that she plans now to keep this “relationship” as secret as possible.

There are many reasons why we want to keep a relationship (or an affair, a much more appropriated word here) secret. The first one is mainly because we try to avoid making any scandal. This happens for example between people already committed elsewhere, who just want to live their passion without hurting their official partner. “I had an affair with a married man while I was myself involved in a relationship. I just fell for him, but I knew it wasn’t going to last, and so did he. So, we agreed to keep our relationship secret. We had so much to lose if this was disclosed to everyone, especially our partners. We had this feeling this relationship only concerned the two of us, and that it was the best decision we could take P. , 35, said.

Another reason can be because one of the two partners wants it that way, and imposes this as a condition for the relationship. “He was married, and he made it clear that I should keep it mum about our affair. I was in love with him, and I accepted this. He would take me on weekends far away, and in hotels less comfy than the ones he usually picked for his holidays with his wife, so he was sure he wouldn’t bump into someone that might know him. He would take me for dinner in remote and dark restaurant, where no one could see him. He also wanted me to call him on a special phone number, so his wife couldn’t track back his phone calls. He told me she was really suspicious of something” I., 40, said.

Then, there’s the rational explanation. “He was simply out of my league. We didn’t come from the same background, and we had no common point. It’s just that we were attracted to each other, and that we felt really no inhibitions when we had sex. This was simply amazing. We had a great time, but the truth is we were a little bit ashamed of our partner choice” T., 36, said.

Sometimes, there’s no rational explanation. “I really loved him, but he simply wouldn’t fit into my life. I didn’t see him chatting with my friends or with my family. He was a very intelligent, wealthy, well educated and well known lawyer, while I came from a modest environment. So, I insisted to keep our relationship secret. I knew this relationship couldn’t last, because he would sooner or later find a woman who’s more his type” M., 35, said.

In the case of my friend, like in M.’s case, the explanation lays in the fact they don’t want to face the others’ reaction. Some relationships can create controversy, and not everyone of us is able to deal with it. So, we choose the easy way, aka the secret option.

But living a relationship in secret is not sustainable. Sooner or later, either the truth bursts, or one part of the (illegitimate) couple just breaks the circle because he/she had enough. A secret is always a burden. Otherwise, why is a site like PostSecret so popular?

So, have you ever lived a secret relationship?


3 thoughts on “Secret sex

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    If you love somebody, I mean really love somebody, why wouldn’t you want to share it with people.

  2. I keep my relationships secret because I do not want my business known and discussed. I don’t think it is anybody else’s business. I am very private and whoever dates me must understand this.

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