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Some people choose the movie theater to have sex, but the most popular place for fucking outside might be the car. One of the infamous tabloids in my country made once an investigation on this important topic and it came that one couple out of four have had sex at least once in a car. They didn’t mention if it was while the car is running or just parked in a desert parking lot/ forest.

The car is, maybe like the movie theater but less promiscuous, the ideal place to have sex when you don’t have/ can’t afford a room. Most of us have probably tested the back seat when we were teenagers. But when driving?

Last week, as I was driving home, I followed on a few miles a car where a man and a woman were very occupied with each other. The vehicle was running erratic on the road, and it became a little dangerous for the other conductors. It was particularly annoying when the car stopped for the signal fire, because it blocked for long the other vehicles behind when the green light turned on. The drivers behind me were getting mad at them and used several times their horn. In the car, Madam was all over him almost all the time. When she wasn’t, they were giggling.

So, what should you do and not do when you want to get a little kinky in the car while it is running?

Not distracting the conductor. It’s dangerous. But you can talk to him dirty, so he will rush to get home as soon as possible” E., 36, said.

I wouldn’t sit on him while he’s driving. But I can get down on him”P., 37, said.

Nothing. He doesn’t want to be distracted when he’s driving. But I understand. I can’t stand this either”H., 40, said.

Fingering. Period” T.,30, said.

Teasing him, but no touch”M.,32, said.

So, are you into sex in a (running) car?


3 thoughts on “Passenger

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    That is just way too dangerous. In a stationary vehicle, sure why not? I’ve got an SUV. Just drop the back seats and poof, enough room to lie down.

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