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My angel

One of my friends recently told me about her strange relationship with a friend of her. She said that she has the feeling he’s constantly worrying for her like her father would do. “Since I know him, he has always acted like a protective friend with me. He comes to my defense whenever in a discussion, someone would criticize me. He gives me precious advices and doesn’t hesitate to tell me the truth about myself. He’s a great support, he has always backed me for all the projects I’ve made. But recently, I have this impression he’s taking his distance with me, and I hate that. It’s been two months now that we don’t laugh together, that we don’t share anything less and don’t talk about nothing and everything. The rare and few phone conversations we have now remain polite, but short, and he just calls to ask how I am. Period.  I don’t know what I’ve done badly to repel him like that” she says. “He has even forgotten my birthday this week” .

I told her that he may be in love with her, but realized he could never have her (she’s married, he’s too). That’s why he’s taking his distance from her.

Is it possible to have an angel who’s looking after us and who feels love with no strings attached for us? Personally, I think it depends. Real friends can do that. They will support you in good and bad times. They will love you for who you are. They will give you a hand when you need it. But it stops there. They can be your angels. When they give you more than that, maybe there’s catch.

A friend or person who’s over zealous with you might try to get loved by you. In my friend’s case, her friend has acted with her like her lover, not a friend.

I believe there’s a really thin line between friendship and love.

Do you agree?