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Sitting, waiting, wishing

Recently, one of my friends managed to take me despite my hectic schedule and my training program for a night out because she wanted to clear her mind, and mine too by the same occasion. After a few drinks, she started to tell me about the things that have been torturing her so far. I thought she was unhappy with her job, but it wasn’t the case. In fact, she’s a bit lost because of one her “friends” (if we can call him like that).

It’s just that I don’t know on what foot to stand with him. He can be really nice with me, then the next day he can completely ignore me. Recently, I wrote a funny note about my status on Facebook, and usually, he never leaves a comment, but there, he wrote a compliment about me on it, and all of my other Facebook friends read it and asked me questions about my relationship with him. I don’t know why he did this. So far, he has always tried to remain discreet with me. He never shows any particular attention when we’re with other people, he just remain selfless with me. Yet, from time to time, I receive an SMS or an email really nice from him, then, he can stay out of sight for weeks. Once, we had to meet with friends, and he acted like a total asshole with me. I nearly cried because of that. Then, minutes later, he sent me an SMS telling me he was glad to see me again (we don’t see each other very often) but he didn’t apologize for what he said to me. Parts of me want to hate him, parts of me love him.  I don’t know what to do” she complained.

Well, personally, I think the guy doesn’t know what he wants and what to do too. She should confront him to know exactly, but I’m not sure he would give her a clear answer.

What would you do if you were her?


5 thoughts on “Sitting, waiting, wishing

  1. Seriously, if a guy likes you, he’ll let you know. Loud and clear.

    He will not disappear for weeks.
    He will not be such an ass (in fears that you will not want to see you again).
    He will call and SMS you on a regular basis so you won’t forget about him.
    He will be proud to show you off to his friends.
    He cannot help but pay attention to you even in the compny of others.
    He will apologize when he thinks he’s hurt you.

    I’m sorry, but this guy likes your friend, but not like her LIKE her. He’s probably treats her as a spare, just in case he’s bored.

    If she can, just drop him. Don’t talk to him for closure but just gracefully turn around and walk out the door with her dignity intact. People who love you do NOT hurt you, and that’s the simple truth.

  2. I think your friend should just ignore him. I’ve met guys like that too and its hard to figure them out… you mite just go crazy figuring them out. The hot and cold treatment is quite a turn-off.. at least for me 🙂

  3. whatigotsofar says:

    I think your friend is a doormat. This guy ignores her, then sends a little email saying something nice and all of a sudden everything is better. He behaves like an ass, then sends an message saying something sweet and everything is better again. This guy is walking all over her and she’s just taking it.


    Your friend is more emotionally invested in the relationship, meanwhile he is just looking for a good time. Seeing as how all it really costs him is an email to get her on his side again.

    Regardless of this guy’s intentions, I think your friend is asking for it by letting it happen again and again.

  4. Hi Bonita,

    You’re right, if a guy really likes you, he doesn’t make it ambiguous. The guy here might be bored and tries to kill his boredom with my friends.

    Hi Qi Hua,

    It’s the best thing to do, indeed.

    WIGSF, sorry, but my friend isn’t a doormat.

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