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Being boring

In the movie “L’Ennui“, the main character gets himself in trouble with a girl he finds absolutely blank but who manages to obsess him. He treats like shit, acts like an ass with her, but he can’t get enough of her. She on the other hand doesn’t feel anything when she’s with him, but she keeps on getting back to him until she finds another man. In other words, she just tries to get rid of her boredom by fucking him.

In high school, one of my classmates had a heavy turnover of boyfriends and she once told me that dealing with that turnover helped her killing her boredom. She said she could have stayed single for a while, but she needed something more to make her life less boring. I didn’t understand her logic, because you can date someone boring and it makes your life more annoying. Besides, you can even get bored in the bedroom if you pick the wrong lover…

Yet, I can see what she was up to. There’s something thrilling (even if it’s bad) in testing your power of seduction. There’s also something thrilling in  discovering the object of your affection’s personality if you were total strangers to each other.

This is why some of us, despite being in a relationship, seek for the greener grass elsewhere. In every relationship, there will come a time when you can get bored of your partner. It’s up to us to break the habit and try to rekindle our romance.

Besides, people can get bored easily. Take for example B. Last Tuesday, he was invited to talk on a TV  show, and in-between the questions, he was constantly messaging all of his friends with his blackberry.

So, do you get bored easily?


5 thoughts on “Being boring

  1. I get bored when the same things are done over and over again. For example, watching movies on almost every date, dining at the same places, etc.

    It’s a pity that if you are bored with the same person so easily and keep changing, no other partner will be able to satisfy your needs and there is no way you will stay long in a relationship. Marriage is probably not in the cards either since you can’t change partners so easily this way.

    But, how many times can one change partners?

  2. Yes, it’s sad when you can get bored so easily with people and need to change often your partners. Only narcissist personality can do this.

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  4. Ellis I. Lee says:

    if i got bored easily, i would have stopped reading your blog a long time ago. JUST KIDDING!! YOU AND YOUR BLOG ARE AWESOMELY PROVOCATIVE!!!

    the other night i was reading up on some chinese philosophy, and there was something that confucious said that caught my attention. he said that a person was fit to teach if he or she could look at something old and find something new in it.

    i guess a good example would be a history teacher who can look at the past and discover some new meaning or relationship between a past occurrence and a modern day situation…

    perhaps the best way to avoid boredom is to immerse yourself with people and situations that continually force you to learn something new about yourself or about life.

    sort of like your blog!

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