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Don’t be ridiculous

Here’s a little poll, for a change. Be kind, feel free to answer.


5 thoughts on “Don’t be ridiculous

  1. There are so many definitions of ridiculous that this is tough.

    I’m guessing that you had something specific in mind?

    As paltry as it might be, I cannot tolerate bad table manners (loud smacking of food or gum, for example) in or out. However, I wouldn’t mind silly dancing or singing or even somewhat odd clothes. Things done purely for the sake of attention do not fly, though.

  2. whatigotsofar says:

    Usually, it’s me the one that is acting ridiculous and the woman I’m attempting to woo that won’t date a ridiculous person.

  3. Cricket,

    No, nothing specific. But bad manners aren’t ridiculous, it’s just utterly disgusting 🙂

    WIGSF, do you mean that you act ridiculous because you’re simply embarrassed with women you like? This is sweet.

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