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Come to daddy

With two days of campaigning left before the US chooses a new president, let’s take a close look at their spouse. First, Cindy McCain. What strikes me the most in this woman, is that when she’s interviewed for the upcoming election, she doesn’t seem to have a firm opinion on things. Like if she doesn’t give a damn about what her husband might become (let’s pray not).

Maybe this is because McCain and she have a huge age difference. She’s 54, he’s 72. Recently, I read an article describing her life, and she appeared to act like a spoiled, daddy’s girl, teenager.  I hope for her she knows what her husband does for a living, and that she doesn’t ask him for permission to go out or to buy another 8th house.

Personally, I don’t envy her at all. She met her husband while he was still married, and the first years she spent with him were particularly difficult because everybody judged her as a homewrecker. A little bit like the former Mrs Sarkozy, Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, went through when she left her then husband for the future-ex one. Then, she had a little problem with drug abuse.

On the other hand, Michelle Obama.

I have the impression that Barack Obama married her equal, here.

She has recently been elected one of the best-dressed celebrities by Vanity Fair, and given where she comes from, this is a true honor. She’s educated, intelligent, and seems like a strong and independent woman. When interviewed, she gives the right answers the right time, even though her words can be taken out of their context against her and Obama by the Republican party. Personally, I have a bit of an admiration for her.

So, which one would make the best First lady?


3 thoughts on “Come to daddy

  1. Although I prefer Obama’s style, I harken back to another strong willed First Lady, Hillary Clinton, who was vilified for working on policy-oriented projects greater than, say, literacy. I hope Obama finds her was and can finesse some power of her own without alienating the good ol’ boys.

  2. The Last Spartan says:

    You’re kidding, right? LOL

    I think that the one comment you made which resonates with me is the fact that Michelle Obama married her equal.

    I am not going to comment on Cindy McCain except to say that time passing by does not make one less of a homewrecker.

  3. Cricket, I think Hillary Clinton would have made a great President. But I’m relieved McCain didn’t win the elections.

    LS, yes, I was 😉

    Cindy McCain is difficult to comment on, isn’t she?

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