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Never too late?

The number one rule in good manners, according to me, is being on time to an appointment. Shame on me, I’m always late for my professional ones, but it’s not my fault. And it’s quite common in my profession to arrive with let’s say a 15 (or even more) minutes delay for a meeting or an interview.

But when it comes to love, I’m among those who think that if he/she’s late, it’s time to find someone else. There’s nothing more annoying that waiting for your (potential) lover, especially if you’re a woman. One of my friends recently told me about the guy she’s seeing right now, and she complains all the time he’s always late. “He doesn’t work, he just lives on the various rents he perceives from his different properties he inherited. Yet, when we have to meet somewhere, he’s always the one who comes late” she said. I asked her if he was disrespectful with her in other ways than his lateness, and she had to admit that yes, he was.”He has never took the intiative to pick me at the airport when I’m coming back from my professional trips, he says that I’m not backing him and he has never bought me any gift. When I see all my friends parading with jewelry their man gave to them, I’m a bit jealous. But this isn’t necessarily a gift I would wish to receive from him”  she said.

A permanent lateness should be alarming enough to you. It’s also the emerged part of the iceberg. But there can be exceptions. Another friend of mine is married to a man constantly late, but he has a good excuse for that. “he has a very demanding job, and he’s constantly called for this and for that, so arriving on time for him is extremely difficult, and I understand that. But he has to reward me some special times from time to time to apologize”  she says.

So, do you accept when your lover is late?


4 thoughts on “Never too late?

  1. I get annoyed but after a while, I will state the time that is at least 30 minutes earlier if it’s for a movie or I will wait until my lover is out of the house since we take nearly the same time to arrive at some places 😛

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