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My own worst enemy

Some people manage to find the right person, someone who’s good for them, but are unable to keep him/her. They end up getting dumped because they did something that disappointed their object of affection. They can also take the decision to leave because they feel they’re not worth it.

Recently, one of my friends had to endure the painful experience of being dumped by the one she loves, because she “ruined everything”. She told me she did everything wrong with him, and that he got fed up with her behavior. “I was unable to trust him. I was jealous of every of his female friends and even got into a fight with one of them. I spied on him, and even checked his SMS when he was in the shower. But the worst was that I didn’t know what I wanted in this relationship after all. He wanted to move in with me in a new apartment, I refused. He wanted to start a family together, and I pushed him back. He told me he didn’t understand me, and that we would be better off separated. I ‘ve felt devastated since then” she said.

When I was a banker, I remember this lady who came into my office and told me about her painful divorce with her ex-husband. She said he was the most extraordinary person she’s ever met, but she ruined everything by cheating on him with his best friend. “I lost everything by doing this. My husband was spoiling me in every possible way. Yet, I couldn’t feel completely happy in this marriage, and for a reason, I felt closer to his best friend rather than him. I had the material comfort, and his love, but it wasn’t enough for me, apparently”she said.

I met also once this woman who told me she couldn’t keep a man because she was just too naive. But here, nothing guarantees that the men she had been with were really good for her.

So, have you ever ruined a relationship with someone you really loved?


7 thoughts on “My own worst enemy

  1. yes, I did. I met a guy by internet, and we’re from differents cultures and during this time (five months ago) I thought he had serious intentions to have a relationship with me and we I saw some comments to wrote some girl in him facebook, I realised that he was dating with some one else and…I felt terrible. I ask him about her and he confirmed that they were dating but they don’t have nothing yet… that word “yet” brokes my hearth completely… he said I’m a very special person for him and he doesn’t want lose my friendship… but since we talk or “write to us” he isn’t the same guy, is more cold with me.. and I don’t know what to do… so… I’ve my heart broke!

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  4. Hi Dianis.

    You’re not the sole responsible person for this failed relationship. He had his flaws too. But I’m sorry for your broken heart.

    Qelqoth, the change is done.

  5. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i found it interesting that you tagged this post with “self-loathing.” sometimes a person believes that they do not deserve the love that they have found and will subsequently ruin a relationship with a person they love on purpose…

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