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A beautiful mind

What do these men have in common?

Although they evolve(d) in different disciplines, they all belong to the caste of the intellectuals. They also count among the most brilliant ones. I’m too young to have met any of them, but I do occasionally meet this rare breed, and I must say it is really, really intimidating to confront them. I don’t care interviewing CEOs in general, because some of them can be really appalling and stupid, but facing those, that’s another story. I feel like a student again, asking naive questions and remaining speechless of a kind of admiration when they reply. There’s only one guy in my professional contacts who doesn’t make me feel this way because he’s just arrogant and always competing for the last word. He’s the intellectual eminence of our Treasury Secretary, and lectures in several universities in my country and abroad, plus has a strong influence in the financial world in my country.

With the financial crisis, he has been invited everywhere from TV shows to multiple seminars, and now, some of my female friends have admitted they find him oddly attractive. I don’t share their view at all, but this is because I know him a little better than just the public personality, and I’m too influenced by all his manipulative ways. He’s the kind of guys who can ignore you superbly in the crowd but don’t hesitate to remind you of their existence when they need your help for gaining publicity in your newspaper. He’s also the kind of guys who like to put people back in their place in the conversation even if they didn’t say anything provocative.

On the other hand, I can understand a little bit some of my friends. Senator Douchebag can pull a truly interesting speech where you can learn a few things. He also uses terms almost poetic to wrap up his sentences. His books are also filled with the same intellectual substance. Some people can be seduced by that. Until you meet the person in real life and the shine wears off.

True intelligence can be a major turn on, but used the wrong way, it can be a huge turn off.

So, do intellectual people turn you on?