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Take on me


A few weeks ago, I was invited to a special event with some of my girlfriends, and we ended up in a room only full with women. It was for the launch of a product designed only for the weaker sex. We were sitting in a table with other women we didn’t know, and as the evening went on, we started to talk about many topics, and at the end of the night, the conversation slipped a little bit toward the big S case. As I hate talking about this in public, especially with people I don’t know, I remained silent. But one of the women didn’t seem bothered at all and babbled about her sex life. She said she put herself no boundaries when it comes to sleeping with the opposite sex, and that curiousity takes on the rest of her. She told us she hasn’t refused any partner just because he was fat, bald, short,…

I don’t know if she lied or told the truth, but this left me a little bit speechless, and so did my friends. We all have reservations when it comes to dismiss a potential lover. Usual turns off are: lack of hygiene (a definite no-no for me), lack of good manners (a man who spits and swears all the time, eeeeewwwww), uncontrolable violence, dementia, and obesity (it depends on how fat, though). Then, there are personal appreciation too. Some women told me they could sleep with a hairy man or a very old man, other said that nastiness turns them off. Some women told me that it depends on the odor and the voice.”I met this very attractive guy in a club, and I thought I was going to leave with him and have a wild night, but when I got close to him, I could smell his odor, and it just repelled me”E., 35, said. “I had my eyes on one of the new colleagues we had, but as soon as he opened his mouth, I knew it would just stop there H., 36, said.

Alcohol (and drugs) can put down these boundaries, but I also believe that our inhibitions when it comes to our ability to sleep with total strangers are linked to our education and our ease with our own body. When you think you have a hot and banging body, you can yield easily to the other’s advance, or even try to provoke things. If you had a very liberal education, this is also the case. On the flip side of the coin, if you had a very strict education or don’t feel comfortable at all with your body, this can hinder a lot your desire/willingness to sleep with someone.

So, could you sleep easily with someone?