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I read recently an interview of Eva Mendes in a magazine, where she said that she found Valentine’s Day sooo boring and that she prefers instead little secrets, romantic rendez-vous and sweet words. I must say I do agree with her on her idea of romance, especially the little secrets. Sharing those with the one you love create that special bond no one else can touch and can be part of. But what kind of secrets can we share with our lover? Not all kind of secrets.

I’ve asked around me what people say to their lover that stay only between them, and this is what I got.

“I tell him what I can’t say to anybody else. It goes from what I think about this colleague, this member of my family, this friend, … to what I did wrong. And it’s mutual. It just give us the impression we made a team against the world” I., 34, said.

The secrets we share revolve around our couple. What happens between us stays between us. No one else has to know. I don’t like to tell the others what gifts he gave to me, nor where he would take me on holiday, … This is our business, none of the others” U., 39, said.

“I don’t share many secrets with my husband. I believe secrets are a burden, and are only shared between lovers who don’t want to get caught”O., 35, said

What O. said might be true.  When you’re in an illegitimate couple,  you’ll be likely to have a lot of secrets with your lover.

On the other hand, it’s best to share your secrets with your significant other, rather than keeping those away from him. This isn’t the sign of a healthy relationship if you do so.

So, do you like secrets?


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