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There goes my hero

In a true and committed relationship, we should let our significant other pass before ourselves, and this got to be mutual. However, by doing so, this is how you can alienate yourself in a relationship, and lose completely your identity. So, there’s a balance to find.

Some people, unfortunately, refuse to let their partner’s needs pass before theirs, and can live their relationship where they’re the main hero/ charachter while their partner has either the choice of adapting to them or leave. Recently, with my coworkers, we were discussing about one of our newspaper regular contributors. He’s a very busy man, who only sleeps 4 hours a day, and runs from multiple seminars to his presidency of an international company,… One of my colleagues had once asked him if his wife wasn’t bothered that much by his numerous absences, and he replied simply by this:”If she’s not happy with my life, then I’ll switch for another wife”. However, I don’t know if he told the truth to my colleague. Once, when I had to interview him, he complained to his secretary that his wife was constantly mocking him. Maybe she’s making him pay for his physical absence. Maybe this is how she deals with this. I guess you can’t decently accept your man to be away from you most of the time. Especially if he’s away for quenching his thirst for fame. Since the financial crisis, he has been everywhere in the medias and in conferences. If you watch our national political debates and news, you could wonder if there’s only him able to talk about this topic. The truth is the other observators are either too busy or not interested by the limelight. In my newsroom, our chief editor has decided to boycott him because we’re all fed up with him.

He clearly makes his own desire pass before his wife. So, I understand she’s reacting badly with him.

I know they married late. When you’re over 45 and marry for the first time, there are some things in your life you don’t want to compromise. And living so long as a single person can be really challenging for your partners.

So, who’s the hero in your relationship? You, or your significant other?


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