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Fix you

When you’re in  a bad mood, there can be some people who help you to instantly feel better. Last week, I had a huge fight with my boss in the morning, and was angry the rest of the day, until I received a phone call from a friend of mine. I didn’t explain to him how I felt at that moment. We were just talking about something we read in a magazine and our plan for the weekend. But for a reason, my anger just wore off. My friend is someone really zen and funny, and I have the feeling my worries just wash away when we are together. He’s in the list of the people who help me  feel better. This includes of course the light of my life, and the closest of my friends.

There are also people who get on your nerves. My boss, for example, falls into that category. And my list is long. I asked around me if some people can help them to calm down, to get their act together, or feel better. This is what I got.

” My BFF is the only one who can manage to calm me down when I’m angry. Even my man can’t”  L., 35, said.

Nope, nobody can soothe my bad mood when I’m in it. I just wait until it fades away. But in between, I’m really difficult with everyone, and you’d better not be in my way” J., 31, said.

Well, the very people who help me feeling instantly better are also the ones who can drive me mad” O., 37, said.

Sometimes, when you’re angy, there’s nothing better than screaming it out loud.

So, is there someone who help you soothing your anger?


5 thoughts on “Fix you

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  2. Ellis I. Lee says:

    Talking to friends and loved ones always helps to put things in perspective. It’s funny, but most stuff I get angry about I realize later just how truly unimportant it is when I look at the big picture. Plus, after reading the Dalai Lama, I have to agree that people who get us mad can teach us the most about ourselves…

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