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The other January Effect

In the marvelous world of finance, there’s a market seasonal effect called the January Effect. It’s described as followed: the performance of this month can serve as a good indicator for the rest of the year. If an index, like the S&P500 for example, ends this month on a positive note, then it will finish the end of the year with a positive performance. Studies have demonstrated this effect is more the result of a data snooping than a real and tangible effect.

I’ve always wondered if this effect could be transpose in our life. If January ends on a good note, does this mean that we will end the year on a positive note too? I’m not sure at all. If it’s the case, I fear that 2009 will be a really lousy year for me, because this month turned out to be really, really horrible so far. To be honest, I’m pissed against a friend of mine who pushed me to participate to an award I should never have done because I was the only junior journalist who participated. And there’s no surprise I lost miserably at it. He should have known that I didn’t have the experience to do such a competition. This, added to a lot of contriarities plus the death of a close friend, makes already my year really, really bad.

So, do you think that if your year doesn’t start well, the rest of it will be disastrous as well?


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