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If I were a boy…

… I will never let my hair grow long!

Once, with my female friends, we were talking about men and their hairstyle. We all agree on one thing: we hate long hair. One of my friends explained that she fell in love suddenly with her ex when he cut his hair. “Before, he looked like a grunge, not clean at all. When he eventually cut his hair, he became much more appealing”. Well, I can only agree with her. Let’s look at some examples.

James Morrison. With long hair, he looked a little bit messy. Judge by yourself.

 Now with shorter hair…

Much more better, isn’t it?

Another example? Caleb Followill.

Jesus is among us… Now, with shorter hair.


Of course, it’s a question of personal taste. I know some women who don’t care about this detail, and others who prefer men with long hair. There are also men who don’t like women with short hair…

So, what do you prefer?