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The laws of attraction

Have you ever tried that game with your friends where you decide who’s hot and who’s not? Recently, we were at the restaurant with my friends, and we started to discuss about this topic. We took a glance at all the men present in the room and concluded that none of them were attractive. One was decreed “handsome, but aware of that and probably loaded with ego”. Another one was “looking way too immature”. Another one was just “dressed too hype”. Then, we switched to the public personalities. One of my friends commented on one of my professional acquaintances who has that bad habit to write on my wall on FB. He’s also appeared a lot of times in public debates. All my friends find him physically repelling, but she doesn’t agree. “He’s not that bad” she said. We just looked at her with horror. Then, we talked about the new  Secretary of the Treasury serving under the Barack Obama administration, Tim Geithner.

(NB: Timmy  (sigh) has been elected the hottest politician around by all my female coworkers)…

All my friends also agreed on this.

So, what makes someone attractive, then?  This article boils it down, but there might be another reason. Unless you don’t care at all about what people say, you will necessarily need to validate your choice. This is why we tend to get attracted to those who attract the most people. Many studies have shown this. Do you remember in high school that if you wanted to be considered cool, you had to date one of the most eligible guy/ girl, or at least try to seduce him/her? Personally, I wasn’t like that. The hottest guy in my school just left me cold. He was just vain and shallow. We had nothing in common. But many of my classmates dreamed then about dating him.

Back then, it was the popularity that made someone attractive (for the boys) and looks (for the girls). When you grow up, this doesn’t change that much.

So, do you follow the rules of attraction, or do you just let your emotions guide you when you fall in love?