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Children of the revolution

In the book “Falling in love“, Francesco Alberoni explains that falling in  love is the ignition phase of a collective movement consisting in two people.  Love implies a revolution for the two people involved, and since in our lifetime, we won’t make that many revolutions, love is therefore THE experience we need to feel in our existence.

I must say that when I read that book, I hardly believed what the author said. Basically, if I summarize the book roughly, falling in love with someone tends to get contagious to your significant other who will love you back because you love him/her.  You can make someone love you by showing him/her constant attentions, by encouraging him/her and promising you will be there on the long run.  Love is not the desire of  loving someone interesting or beautiful, it’s the need to create together a new order for the society, to see the world through a new eye. The person with whom you fall in love will help you to change dramatically your everyday life, that you find  so boring. Of course, this state can be temporary, but it can last forever, if together, you manage to live an adventurous and interesting life.

Then, I thought about those couples who together were able to change the world or made a revolution when they got together. The first who came into my mind was Barack and Michelle Obama.

Before he was elected,  he said that if he hadn’t received Michelle’s blessing for running for presidency, he would never have done this. She on the other hand gave up her career to push his. So, we could say that together, they helped to change the world. Because we can’t deny that his election is a major turn for US history. Who knows if Obama would be where he is now if he hadn’t met Michelle?

Then, there’s Brangelina.

It’s not that obvious as for the Obamas, but these two seem to have find each other after years of chaos for both of them.

So, do you think love is a revolution?


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