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Another story caught up in a photograph


Each picture holds a story behind it, even the most insignificant one. I took this six months ago, at an exhibition. There was something spectular in the way those fatboy were hanging from the ceiling. It just caught my eye. That’s the story behind this photograph.

Sometimes, the pictures we take can endorse a heavy meaning, especially when you fall on these accidentally after years hidden spent in a closet. My grandfather passed away two years ago, and I didn’t feel anything at that time because we didn’t see each other quite often when he was alive. We lived in different continents, and  he took his distance with our family for the last 4 years of his existence. My mom and my aunts didn’t appreciate his new companion, who was way too young for him. When we learned he died, it was a shock for our family, but no one cried. His funeral was quite odd. People didn’t react at all during it.

Then, last year, my parents discovered old pictures of us, including my grandpa. There was a photograph of just me and him. I was probably 4 year-old on it. It was weird to look at it again, after so many years. I also realized that I miss him.

When I told this to my friends, one of them realized she was in the same situation with her grandpa but also the rest of her family. Since then, she has managed to reconnect with them, and spent more time with them.

The stories behind pictures can bring back sad memories. This is why some people choose to destroy these. Especially photographs of their ex’s.

So, what do you do with your old pictures?


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