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Among the various search requests I received for this blog, there’s one question that keeps on coming back: How do I make a married man fall in love with me? I don’t want to judge those who ask that kind of question, but as I recently read Francesco Alberoni about falling in love, I think I might have an answer to this.

We talk here about making someone fall in love with you, not just deviate him from his marital path for lust. In this case, well, your looks should do the trick. For the first option, Alberoni writes that it’s possible to make someone fall in love with you by showing him constant attention, cheering, promises that you would stay with him on the long run even through adversity. This means that you have to fall in love first with your significant other and take the risk of telling him about your feelings. This also means that you could have to wait a lot until you reach your goal. Besides, it’s not guaranteed.

One of my friends realized after years of friendship that her best friend was actually in love with her. He never declared it to her, though, until one night, they were playing strip poker with some other friends. He reacted as a jealous boyfriend with her as she was losing and taking her clothes off one by one. “He eventually left the room, infuriated. I had to dress up, and join him outside. There, I asked him what the hell was going on, and as a reply, he kissed me. I just realized there that all of these years where he stood up for me and was always there for me, he was doing that because he loves me” she recalls.

Her best friend had luck with her. But it’s not always the case. It depends on who you fall in love with. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to commit in a relationship. Because we had bad experiences in the past, we can lock our heart to the others. In this case, the one who wants to get your love back can find it quite challenging. This is how you can fool the one who’s in love with you. “I fell in love with B. a long time ago. I loved him because he was funny, smart, unique. We had several dates together, the chemistry between us was amazing, but he wasn’t emotionnally available. I did help him all the time and offer him support when he had to undergo a heart surgery, but he eventually married another woman, the one he was seeing while we were together”P., 34, said.

A married man can be emotionally unavailable to you.

So, have you ever managed to make someone love you?


4 thoughts on “Abracadabra

  1. This is an interesting entry post.

    In fact, you have said everything there is to say about getting a man to fall in love with you. Most men love women who take care of themselves and pay them attention.

    It does not even if the man is married or not; as long as you can pay him an attention, and not nag, he’s very likely to fall in love with you.

  2. that was an awesome post . . its true how we avoid getting committed from the fear of past. . or from the apprehension that we might get hurt again… !but again, we must recognize true love when it comes.. !

  3. Hi yesh, thank you. It might be hard to recognize true love when it comes. If we’re not ready for love, this could be the case. Thanks for stopping by.

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