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When you’re single, you can have some periods where sex is out of the menu. That’s one of the inconveniences of being single. To break this forced abstinence, some people turn to their friends, exes, or total random strangers.Others just hang on to their sex toys, cucumbers,or whatever comes. Sex is one of the fundamental needs of the human being, so, to the exceptions of the asexuals, a period of no activity can be seen as difficult.  But as it is an intimate moment, some people will find it hard to get laid just to fill their need. That’s why some choose the options of the fuck buddy, or their ex. “In case of emergency, I know I can call J. He’s a friend of mine, and we share a little bit more than just a simple friendship. He’s a great lover, and sleeping with him is quite easy because we know each other so well. I could never pick a random strangers just to have sex, because I’m afraid I could meet a total wacko. I really prefer this option” said one of my acquaintances. “P. and I never got along when we were together, except for one thing: sex. We both know we can never get back together because we constantly fight. But we decided to remain fuck friends. And I must say that I like this situation now that I’m single and that my sex life doesn’t look that great. I know I can always count on him”I.,34, said.

This is only possible if you have a friend or an ex who accepts to play that role. If she/he ‘s involved in a relationship, there’s a chance he/she will turn down your request.

Some people will choose to turn to the dating sites or websites like craiglist to get laid.”I subscribed to this dating site and got in touch with several women. I only wanted to meet new friends, but each time I met one of them, she would make it more or less clear that she wanted to get laid. One told me that since she got divorced, she needed to have sex because she couldn’t find a new man. One asked me to pick her at her apartment, and opened the door completely naked. Another one tried to attract me to the bathroom on our first date just to have sex”O.,35, said. “It’s not difficult to find a sexual partner on dating sites. Some people make it very clear from the beginning. But you can meet a lot of married men looking for an affair there. It seems they have understand the advantage of internet to find a mistress. I try to avoid them”T., 32, said.

But this option implies that you have to be careful on who you’re going to have sex.This is why some people just turn to sextoys.

So, what option would you prefer if you were in a situation like this?


4 thoughts on “Stinkfist

  1. This week, I called an end to a FWB situation which has been going on almost a year. It had evolved to a one-sided desire for marriage and living on the same coast. I was clear all along, but the fantasy became great to this other individual. Although we were very compatible, all I felt was pressure when we were together and this person would get very jealous when I dated anyone else.

    I thought a shade of gray was possible, but it wasn’t. Now this person is hurting and I am mostly relieved.

  2. I must say that I’m a very very single person… l think that I’ve never had a serious relationship in my whole life.
    But is completely true that sometimes we need some.. “action” in our lives.. and I choosed some partners.. one’s good, others not so good, but in the end, the hided desire that I always have had is be in love, and get someone who can loves me, I don’t regret about that experiences, not at all, I enjoyed them, but it feels so good when you can count with someone and not just for a sex while…

    So… in spite of sometimes is good a little bit adventure, always will be good get as a partner sexual, someone in you can trust, who be there for you, sharing all your needs..

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