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Recently, one of my friends announced that she was seeing someone. She was single for a long time, and collected disastrous relationships with guys who didn’t want to commit. Some of them were married, others were just simply not emotionally available. Her new relationship isn’t like that. Her man is available for her whenever she wants. Yet, she admitted she wasn’t sure he was the one, because she couldn’t feel “the right way” with him. A little bit puzzled by this, I asked her what she meant with this sentence. She replied she felt she wasn’t in love. “I know when I’m in love, and here, I don’t react like that” she said.

She told me that when she’s in love, she could listen to her significant other for hours. She also told me that she has goose bumps when he’s near her. We all have various reactions when we’re in love, or more exactly, when we’re falling in love. I asked around me what were the reactions, and this is what I got.

I’m nervous. Usually, I talk a lot, but if he’s there, I just don’t know what to say or say stupid things” B., 35, said.

I’ve noticed that I tend to dress up for the man I fall in love with. I would pick the best clothes that compliment my shape. Usually, I don’t wear that many dresses, but when I fall in love, I switch to that outfit with the high heels, lipstick and perfume that go with it. I feel more like a woman”K., 34, said.

“I can’t stop staring at him and can’t help searching for a little proof that he has feelings for me too G., 30 said.

I can’t help blushing. It’s hard not to notice it, since I’m blonde” F., 36, said (it also works for brunettes 😉

“I become really irritating for my friends because I can’t stop talking about him, even in derogatory terms” O., 35, said

I don’t know. I might be good at hidding my feelings” I., 30,said.

A combination of factors. I become clumsy, intimidated, mute, but I want nothing else than being with him even if I’m in such a state” U., 32, said

My ego is boosted. I feel like I’m full of energy, and I want to do everything better. It’s silly, but when I met G., I started to work better and I got a promotion thanks to that” M., 34, said.

So, how do you react when you’re in love?


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